SCv3 Dev Report #4 – General Updates & V3 Release Date

Welcome to the fourth v3 development report!

In case you missed our last report, please read it here:
SCv3 Dev Report #3 – Quick updates

As we are finally approaching the v3 release date we want to give a small update on the progress we have made in general, to also give an idea on what will all happen over the coming weeks.

There has been substantial progress in other areas besides v3. A very important step for us is a clean and solid reposition for StakeCube as a business and a company.

As was previously announced we will be moving the StakeCube HQ. We are at the moment in the final stages of registering the company in Georgia, which will be the main location for StakeCube very soon. We have chosen Georgia because of their crypto-friendly regulatory approach and because it is a very tech-oriented country. This allows us to operate free of excessive regulations that would otherwise negatively affect our users. Besides simpler AML/KYC rules, licenses for exchanges and custodial wallets, and possible FIAT connectivity; there are several other benefits such as fully regulated dispute handling, insurance, taxes and so on.

Furthermore, the current registered company in Germany will change its shape and name to grow into a crypto service provider, which roughly said will result in two operative locations: the main facility and the service company. More locations are planned, and we are also working on new employee contracts, which will help consolidate our team providing stability towards the future.

In addition to all administrative paperwork, an important point that links it all together is the establishment and adoption of “Terms of Service” for StakeCube. This set of terms will cover all of the above to match your and our interests. This obviously also implies a new landing page and imprint.

Advised by our lawyers, we will issue the ToS on January 1st, with them coming into effect on February 1st. This gives our users 4 weeks to read and agree to the terms. However we are not including any additional restrictive measures like mandatory KYC or others. In fact formalizing the conditions to use our platform allows us to relax these aspects further in a legally sound manner.

After the 4 weeks have passed all users will need to agree to the terms of service in order to continue using StakeCube, and will be prompted to do so by the website upon login. New users will also have to agree as part of their registration process starting on January 1st. 

As for the platform v3 update, we have decided to set the final release date in conjunction with the other features we are working on, including ToS, HQ move and other sub-projects.

Within the next six weeks all of these features will be already released, with technical updates (API based systems, MineCube updates, drop PoS/MN fees, replace shared nodes and many more) being rolled out sequentially from now on and during January, finishing the full migration with revamped front-ends on February 1st. At the time of writing there are no downtimes expected. Should anything change, we will of course inform you in advance.


Accordingly, we are really looking forward to this clean reposition, to enter a successful new year for Bitcoin and the Crypto space in general. 2020 has seen StakeCube progressing forward at great speed and we are not planning to slow down in 2021. With this I leave wishing you all, including our team and partners; very relaxing holidays and a happy new year.