FAQ – Mine With Software Towards Webminer Pool

Download and configure XMRig from MoneroOcean

Before we begin it is important that you read the following safety warning:

Mining uses your CPU. All miners can generate a large amount of heat which can reduce efficiency and eventually even permanently damage your hardware. Ensure miners have adequate cooling and airflow.
StakeCube is not responsible for any damage to your device.


Where can I download a miner

You will find the miner on webminer page. We have chosen to use MoneroOceans as they have built-in profit switching. This means that the miner chose the most profitable algorithm to mine for your hardware.
When it’s downloaded the .zip file need to be extracted with WinZip or WinRAR programs.

How do I configure the miner towards webminer pool

Go to where you extracted the miner files. There you have a file called config or config.json depends if your device shows the file type in the name. Open the config file with notepad.
Here you need to change one crucial parameter. The miner password towards the pool.


Scroll down until you see pass: Username. Here you need to change Username to your account name on StakeCube platform. For example CryptoKritter instead. Then save the changes.

Now you are ready to start mine and get rewarded in SCC.