How to Connect Discord to Twitter to be Eligible for Earndrops

At StakeCube we will be organizing earndrops to help us grow our brand and reach new customers. If you participate, you can make some money simply by retweeting the tweets assigned to an earndrop. To take advantage of this, you have to connect your Twitter and Discord accounts, and then login to

Let’s set everything up step by step.

Connecting your Twitter Account to your Discord Account

First you need to login to your Twitter account. Then, from Discord click on the gear-shaped button on the bottom left to open the settings menu.

Now go into the “Connections” submenu.

Select the Twitter icon from the list:

Now click on the “Authorize App” button from the pop up.

Participating in Earndrops

Now that your Discord and Twitter are connected, you can participate in our earndrops. First you need to login by visiting the following link:

To stay informed about the latest earndrops try the !earndrops command on Discord. Retweet, wait a few minutes and the bot will post a confirmation. You can also see some examples in the #botcube-earndrop channel.

Have fun earning!