PRiVCY 2.0 Swap

The PRiVCY team has shared with us that their project will be performing a swap to a new codebase. StakeCube will support this swap and will take a very active role in it, as it is the only platform where the swap can take place. The swap window began on the 4th of April and will last until the 5th of May at 00:00 UTC. All PRiVCY coins need to be deposited to StakeCube before the end of this period in order to participate in the swap.

Users with their coins in their StakeCube wallet do not need to take any action. Coins not deposited by the end of the period will be excluded from the swap. Users that do not wish to participate in the swap must withdraw their coins to a private wallet, as all coins on StakeCube will be swapped.

After the deadline is reached, the PRiVCY team will reach a decision on the swap ratio, total supply and reward schedule. They decided to postpone these decisions until after the swap to have a clearer idea of how many coins will participate in the swap. Because of this, users should not expect to have their new coins credited until a few days after the swap window ends. Rewards will also take a few days to begin.

For more information regarding the swap and to ask any questions to their team, we invite you to visit the PRiVCY discord channel: