New Rules for the Coin Voting System

After taking a closer look at the voting system we have decided to introduce a few basic changes. We have observed that most votes are cast by projects trying to get listed on StakeCube. Because of this, we feel that limiting the number of votes per day introduces unnecessary friction and might even lead some of them to seek listing somewhere else. Therefore, from now on, there will be no daily limit on coin votes. In all other respects the coin vote continues as usual.

Every month, the coin with highest amount of votes will be selected. This coin will be listed and all others will carry over their votes to the next coin vote. The minimum to win the vote will be 1000 votes. If no coin has reached this threshold no coins from the coin vote will be listed that month and all will carry over their votes to the next.

Votes will continue to be payable with credits, at the cost of 1 credit per vote.

To celebrate this change and as a one-off special we will be selecting 3 winners in April, provided that at least 3 projects obtain the desired 1000 votes by the end of the month 3 days from now.

That is all, now hit the polls and get those votes in before the end of the month!