StakeCube Newsletter – 25th June 2024

Proxy changed

We have made changes to the proxy server, with a new server and Nginx software set up as a reverse proxy that replaced HAproxy. We have seen an improvement for this part of the backend, but we still have issues with the exchange. We are following the errors/downtimes to improve the next part of the system to avoid those interruptions.

Debt tokens – status

We have been buying tokens of the exchange pairs for some time now and continue to do so. How much we can buy is going up and down depending on how much you in the community keep using the platform. Our goal is to keep buying weekly until the debt is cleared.

CPX Surveys – more interactions

Lately, we have seen an increase in activity around surveys and are happy to see this. Even tho the number of users is still low, often <20 per 7 days. The $ value of SCC paid out is increasing and that also means a few more $ to SC. Don’t forget to spread the word to crypto users. As with only surveys, it can be pretty easy to reach your first bonus to host a free masternode.

Cuttlefish – what’s been done and what’s next

We have made much progress with building the front end, as has been put up in some announcements. Additionally, some actual functionality has been implemented, which includes the ability to register, verify, log (create a session), and reset passwords. User details databases have been set up, and session control implemented so you must be logged in to view your account data. Current progress is focused on building an engine to process everything related to Nodecube, as well as API hookups between the front-end and back-end for controls and setup.

SCC Core wallet release

Lifenaked has been over the last few months working on an update for SCC core wallet. It has been pre-released already and hopefully soon will be changed to released status. All masternodes should upgrade, to see a reduction of about 2 GB of db usage.
The initial purge will increase the CPU and RAM usage for some time which is good to know if you have several nodes on one system.

GitHub Release:

More cost-savings – cut off free hosting for a set number of masternodes within the team

We recently had to remove free masternode hosting for team members to stay sustainable with the platform. Team members had as one of the few compensations for helping the platform free hosting for a certain amount of nodes. Unfortunately, we had to remove this to cut down on some costs. But still we this savings of about 3-400$/m we are balancing between being able to pay the monthly servers or not. We know that with all the issues around the platform, it’s hard to motivate people to keep using the platform. But we hope you bear with us and ride out those issues too and hopefully, we can have a good user experience again.

StakeCube – Google Play app

It’s with sadness we have to say that Google has shut down the dev account that we posted our app with. We reached out to them to get an explanation of the reason without any success. For now, we going to put the app on GitHub for anyone to download and use if wanted. Long-term we gonna work on getting back on the goggle play store.


Cuttlefish screenshots