This Week on StakeCube, 30th of April 2021

General News

Weekly Newsletter

We realize how important it is for users to get an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. However it can be challenging to find the necessary resources to keep the platform moving forward and the community updated at the same time. Because of this we have done some internal manpower restructuring to be able to produce weekly reports without taking time away from development. In these reports we will keep you updated about the big and the small, from wallet updates or tiny tweaks to the UI, to team changes or major releases. Stay tuned!

StakeCube in Numbers is ranked this week as the 11890th most visited website on 3 months ago it was the 22911th. Needless to say this is a huge increase and the trend seems to indicate growth will continue as development progresses.

  • User Count: 85398
  • Pool Value: 538 BTC
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.093 BTC
  • SCC Price: $1.61
  • SCC Market Cap: $13.940.00
New Team Addition

As StakeCube approaches the 100,000 user mark, we are expanding our team to scale for the demand. Today we are happy to announce the newest member of the StakeCube team: YuurinBee! YuurinBee has joined the team to assist with brand development and UX/UI. He has worked with and contributed to notable projects in the space like ZENZO, PIVX, Altcoin Buzz, Neon District, and many others. Additionally, we want to give a special thanks to the 175 of you that participated in the first UX survey that was conducted about a month ago. We will be releasing a full report to share all of the information and feedback you all have provided.

YuurinBee’s social media accounts:


UX & Branding Research Report (v1.0)

March 12th through the 19th we conducted a public research survey in regards to user experience. 175 generous members of our community volunteered to participate in this survey, with no promise of compensation or reward. We designed it like this to help keep the responses as honest and unbiased as possible. As we have taken the time to listen to each and everyone of you, we strongly recommend to check out the following 8 page report:

It is imperative for us to know what you all think are the main ways to improve the experience for everyone. As mentioned in the other announcements, we have recently brought on a new team member to help facilitate brand development and improve UX/UI. Stay tuned for a follow up survey in the following weeks as well.

Discord Restructuring

To ease navigation for our users on Discord we have consolidated several channels and archived others. The goal was to reduce the clutter and make it easier for newcomers to find the relevant chats.

The announcement channels have been reduced to:

#announcements (reports, etc)
#service updates (maintenance notes, etc)

All other missing channels have been archived.

Community chats have been simplified and reduced to the following:

#general-chat (for general StakeCube topics)
#botcube-earndrops (to participate in earndrops without cluttering the general chat)

Support Internal Organization Improved

This week we have restructured the schedule of our support agents to ensure 24h availability. There has been as well further task reorganization to improve efficiency.

To help us cover the late hours in Europe we added a new community manager: RVG1053.

Let’s all give him a warm welcome.

OTC Orders Sent

This week we placed an order with our partner Meatec for all OTC purchases confirmed until now. As soon as they deliver the miners and finalize installation, the corresponding workers will be assigned to the respective accounts. Over 23000 workers were ordered this way. According to Meatec, delivery usually takes between 7 and 9 days.

First Vitae Masternode

We have recently accumulated enough Vitae in the pool to install a Vitae masternode. Although we’re moving away from the shared masternode system, we will be installing this node and paying out its rewards to the masternode participants. In the future, when we move to earn system, we will simply include this masternode in the combined pool and rewards will be spread among all Vitae holders.

ABET Delisting

About a week ago we were informed by some users that the ABET team had abandoned the project. We tried to contact them immediately to ask for information but there was no reply from them. Given the circumstances and due to the lack of an active team we will be delisting ABET on May 15th. Please withdraw all your ABET before that date or they will be lost.

Development News

SCP StakeCube Protocol Latest Developments

SCP-1 token implementation has been completed, with tokens now live on mainnet. The SCP desktop wallet is also complete and being tested internally at the moment. The new wallet features a sleek GUI with refined UX, designed with ease-of-use in mind. Some of its new characteristics are:

  • SCC light wallet with instant syncing.
  • Dashboard portfolio with SCC and SCP-1 token balances.
  • USD price display and market stats from exchange.
  • In-wallet 2FA solution for accounts.
Version 3 SCC Bonus Rollout

Work has commenced on the new SCC Bonus program for the version 3 rollout. We will release it at some point during May, with some new benefits to come.

Exchange Performance Improvements and Fixes

We detected some issues with the loading times for the exchange, and optimized some internal processes to improve them. Particularly loading exchange pairs should be significantly faster from now on.

Additionally an issue was detected whereby a new sell order placed lower than the lowest existing one was only visible after scrolling down. This has been fixed to scroll down automatically so that the order is clearly visible right after placing it.

MineCube public + private APIs released

We have made available the public and private APIs for developers interested in making use of them. You can check it out on our DevCube Github:

SMART Staking integrated

We have activated staking for SMART coins. From now on users will be able to stake SMART just by holding it on their StakeCube platform wallet.

Wallet Maintenance News

MMO Swap

MMO has swapped to the BSC chain, and StakeCube supported this swap. Now your MMO coins will be on BSC, so please keep this in mind when depositing/withdrawing. Also be aware that your MMO deposit address has changed. Using the old address will result in the loss of all coins deposited.

SYS Hard-Fork

The SYS blockchain will experience a planned update with a hard-fork at block 1,004,200. This will happen today the 30th of April 2021. StakeCube will support this hard-fork. No user action is required, withdrawals and deposits will remain closed until we have finalized the transition.

BNB Wallet Delayed Deposits

Some users have complained about delayed BNB deposits. On StakeCube we run a full BNB node. Full nodes are heavy and sometimes can’t keep up with the rate at which the blockchain generates new blocks. The wallet then has to catch up to the blockchain which causes delays. These delays affect deposits and sometimes withdrawals of BNB and BEP20 tokens like MMO or Polis. If you’re experiencing a delay, feel free to open a support ticket on Discord and we might be able to help.

RPD Maintenance

The RPD wallets are in maintenance due to instability and the excessive amount of time and work they require. We experience frequent crashing on load and the blockchain data and/or wallet.dat are often corrupted. After these incidents the wallet would require a full synchronization from zero, as it does not accept data snapshots. Moreover during the synchronization process it isn’t uncommon for the wallet to crash and corrupt the data which forces us to start all over again. Our latest attempts to run the wallet have only managed to keep it running for about 60 seconds before crashing. Although there was no data corruption this time, it doesn’t help a lot.

We are in contact with the RPD team to help work out a solution to these issues. We have sent debug logs to them and they are working hard to resolve them. The problem might have been caused by errors introduced by developers previously working on the project. We will update you once we have more information. At the moment, testing of a new wallet version is taking place.

Coin Wallet Updates

The following wallets have been updated:

Old Version:
New Version:
No masternodes of HCC are running.

Old Version:
New Version:
No masternode restarts were required.