This Week on StakeCube, 7th of May 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

This week has seen tremendous growth on most fronts, showcasing StakeCube’s recent exponential trend. Most indicators have increased by more than 20%, with over 2000 new users on the platform. The number of MineCube workers has reached 300,000. With a cost of $4 per worker this amounts to an investment of $1.2 million in mining equipment on the part of our users.

  • User Count: 87,797 +2.81%
  • Pool Value: 660 BTC +22.68%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.119 BTC +27.96%
  • SCC Price: $2.01 +24.84%
  • SCC Market Cap: $17,570,000 +26.04%
  • Alexa Rank 11535 -355
NodeCube Milestones

This week we have reached the milestone of 5000 masternodes hosted with our NodeCube services. Also this week we saw the first PIVX hot nodes installed; and huge growth in PIVX activity in our exchange which could mean more to come in the future.

Hot nodes remain more popular than cold nodes, signifying the trust our users put in our platform as custodian for their funds.

New Coins Listed

To celebrate the changes to the community listing rules, we decided for the month of April to list 3 new coins instead of one. The winners were Ghost (GHOST), Block-Logic (BLTG) and Electra (ECA). The listing is now complete and you can already add them on the wallets page. Electra and Block-Logic will also generate pooled staking. Find out more about these coins on their respective websites:

MineCube OTC Orders Installed

This week we received confirmation that the miners corresponding to the first batch of OTC orders have been installed. We assigned the workers to the accounts of the buyers and they have started mining already.

To those that placed an order: Happy Mining!

If you also want to place an OTC order for workers, just head over to Discord and open a support ticket. We accept payment in stablecoins or Bitcoin, and the minimum order is 2500 workers.

Discord Trivia Competition

As some of you might be aware of, we run a weekly trivia competition on Discord. If you wish to participate just head over to the #trivia channel.

This April we had 31 participants in the competition. The winners were:

  1. Kafarabo with 18 correct answers and a prize of 15 SCC ($30.15)
  2. Hyper with 13 correct answers and a prize of 9 SCC ($18.09)
  3. Ypsylone with 13 correct answers and a prize of 6 SCC ($12.06)

To all that took the time to participate, we hope you enjoyed the weekly trivia and best of luck for the monthly one. Winners to be announced this Saturday on #trivia channel.

Improvements to our Support

The recent restructuring of our support schedules and manpower is clearly paying off. There are at the moment almost no open issues and tickets are being replied to at all times of day as we planned.

Development News

SCP Developments

The development of StakeCube Protocol has taken a great leap forward with the implementation of the new token standard SCP-2: staking tokens. Staking tokens allow holders to receive staking rewards on a per-block basis. This translates into real-time staking directly within your wallet, with earnings updated every single block. Users can at any time ‘claim/redeem’ their earnings to be added to their available balance. SCP-2 tokens are designed to reward long-term asset holders, a fair and provably secure replacement for regular PoS Coins.

The GUI dashboard for staking is under development right now. We have also prepared promotional material for the release, like the example you see above and these others:

Open them in a new tab to see the full-scale version.

Additionally there was a good amount of work done on the SCP wallet. After a week of testing we fixed a few bugs and did a complete UX makeover based on suggestions made by the testers. The SCP Wallet now has a full installer and launcher system ready for a public production release of SCP, namely the Electron Squirrel framework. This framework makes for an easier installation, avoiding having to download or move files separately. Just download the installer, open it and that’s all.

Exchange Bug fixed

We found a glitch that was causing the 100% button on the exchange to input an amount larger than the available balance. Then, when trying to execute the order, the system would warn the user that the balance was too small. we have fixed the glitch, and the 100% button now inputs the correct amount. If you’re still experiencing the issue you need to press ctrl + f5 to override the cache version of the site you have stored.

Affiliate SCC Interest Added to the Activity Tab

Since interest for SCC was added at a later stage, affiliate contributions from it were not being reflected. We have corrected this so that you are able to see on the activity tab the contribution from SCC interest that your team generates.

Wallet Maintenance News

Shard Swap

We have confirmed with the Shard team that they will swap to a BEP-20 token on May 17th, and later on to ERC-20 at a yet unspecified date. Trading of Shard will continue to be active, but deposits and withdrawals will be closed on that date until we receive the swapped coins. As usual, after the swap deadline we will not be able to swap the coins anymore, so make sure to deposit your coins before that. Please keep in mind that your Shard deposit address will change after the swap. Depositing to the old address will result in loss of coins.

Peony and Monk Swaps

We were informed of two further swaps, one for Peony and the other one for Monk.

The Peony swap will take place on the 11th of May, the Monk one on the 18th of May. The swap will be 1:1 for both coins, meaning that the supply won’t change.

We will support both swaps. No user action is required, simply have your coins in your StakeCube wallet before the deadline and we will do the swap for you. Again, keep in mind that we will not be able to swap these coins after the respective deadlines.

RPD Supply Reduction

Some users were confused about the Rapids supply reduction. Please find all information regarding this update that the Rapids team made public here:

The supply has been reduced by a factor of 1000 on block 1286000. This means that all balances got 1 coin for every 1000 coins they had before. To avoid market disruption, we cancelled all existing exchange orders. Remember that information on prices or masternode collaterals might not be updated yet on coin trackers. There is no reason to expect a loss of value from this change.

If you have any questions, please ask the Rapids team through their social media channels:

We received feedback that this change wasn’t announced with enough time for our users to react. We have asked the Rapids team to improve in the way they communicate with our tech team and we expect this situation to improve in the future.

BSC Wallet Maintenance

The BSC wallet went into maintenance on the 5th of May due to the issues the node has catching up to the blockchain. This affects also BSC tokens like Polis and MMO.

We are trying different hardware configurations but none of them has solved the issue so far. This is a known problem with BSC, as it was reported already many times on their GitHub page:

At this moment we cannot specify when we’ll be able to take the wallet out of maintenance. We’re doing our best to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Webminer Issues

This week there were two issues with the webminer. On the one hand there was a backend problem affecting a few users that caused shares not to be credited. This bug has now been fixed. There is, however, a second issue on the side of Monero Ocean. We have begun surpassing the maximum amount of workers allowed for an individual account, which causes some of the shares to be rejected. In these cases they do not provide us the data regarding these shares and we cannot credit the corresponding mining rewards. Although the issue is not on our side, we’re working on ways to try to circumvent this limit so that the issue doesn’t affect our users in the future.

Wallet Server Infrastructure Improvements

This week we have continued work on the wallet server infrastructure side. There were hardware improvements implemented, OS updates and security patches. This should lead to shorter down time for wallets and in general to a more robust operation.

Coin Wallet Updates

After working with the Rapids team the new wallet version ( seems to be a lot more stable than the previous version and much easier to work with.

The following wallets have been updated:

Previous version:
New version:
No masternode restarts were required.

Previous version:
New version:
Due to the masternodes being DIP3, they had to be restarted. Users should expect rewards to be delayed and then resume the regular frequency after the first payment.

Previous version:
New version: