This Week on StakeCube, 14th of May 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

StakeCube has continued with its very strong growth in terms of users and visits, with also moderate increase in pool value. SCC has fallen somewhat in dollar value but this fall was driven by the general fall in the market, including a pretty severe crash for Bitcoin. This was the consequence of Tesla’s announcement that they will not accept Bitcoin for vehicle purchases anymore due to environmental concerns. As with any time Bitcoin prices fall, mining returns were slightly reduced, but it is remarkable how well SCC price held considering the market environment.

  • User Count: 90,370 +2.93%
  • Pool Value: 690 BTC +4.54%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.118 BTC -0.84%
  • SCC Price: $1.91 -4.98%
  • SCC Market Cap: $16,780,000 -4.50%
  • Alexa Rank 11439 +96
SCC Listed on the MCPC Market

StakeCube Coin (SCC) has been added to the MCPC market as a payment option. This is a website similar in concept to Ebay where you can buy all sorts of things like electronics, clothes, food and more. The website is known for the wide variety of cryptocurrencies they accept as payment.

You can check it out here:

UX Branding Survey

A new survey has started this week to collect feedback from StakeCube users regarding the platform. This one focuses on how to classify StakeCube and what aspects of it are the most important. With this information we can better understand what our users prioritize the most, which we can then apply to the way we design new features and improvements.

The survey will run until the 18th of May, having collected more than a thousand responses already. Thank you to all those that participated and if you didn’t do it yet, here’s a link to it:

Once we have the full results we will publish a full report, as we did last time.

Regarding last survey, we are using your responses to perform detailed brand analysis and will update you once we have finished this task. You can see an outline of the work being done here:

Internal Transfers Active

Two weeks ago we restricted internal transfers in order to develop and implement an update. We have now finished installing and testing it, and have made internal transfers available again.

Version 3 Community Voting

This past April voting round was the last one that followed the v2 coin voting format. We are going to postpone the voting round for the month of May, as we are expecting to transition the voting system to v3 in June. Once the new system is in place, voting rounds will resume.

Decrease in Support Ticket Frequency

We have observed a very significant reduction in the number of support tickets we receive. Given that the number of users keeps growing exponentially, we take this as a sign that the system is causing fewer errors and is more stable in general. Some issues that are still being brought up in tickets are login difficulties, in many cases related to 2FA applications being out of sync.

Just as a reminder, if you encounter the “wrong login details” error message and you’re sure you did not input the wrong password, your 2FA application might be out of sync. If this is the case, just find in the app the setting for time correction and perform a new sync. In Google Authenticator this can be found from the main menu by selecting the “more” submenu, then “settings”, “time correction for codes” and “Sync now”.

Coins Sent to Wrong Address

We have been experiencing an increasing number of coin deposits sent to the wrong address. Please keep in mind that we do not support BSC deposits of coins like DOGE or ETH. The only way these coins can be deposited is using their own networks. Also make sure to always double-check the address that you’re using, to prevent typos and other issues. For instance there have been cases of malware modifying the address copied to the clipboard. Always ensure that copied addresses correspond to pasted ones.

Moreover we see too many cases of users depositing coins to wallets in maintenance. It is important that the user also checks that the wallet is online before making a deposit. Bear in mind that if despite these warnings you still make a mistake, support tickets related to these issues will have the lowest priority.

Most of these mistakes result in loss of funds, which is why it is important to be particularly careful when making a deposit.

Second Worker OTC Order

We are almost ready to confirm the second OTC order of MineCube workers. This time the order will be slightly larger, with over 28000 workers in total. We expect the order to arrive 7 to 9 days after it is confirmed.

Development News

StakeCube Lightning Network Node

The lightning network is a layer 2 payment protocol for Bitcoin that enables fast and cheap transactions between users and has been proposed as a possible solution to the scalability problem. In order to support these efforts that could potentially contribute to general Crypto adoption, we have decided to run our own lightning network node. Our hub alias is, you can check it out here:

Some users have asked if this will allow for withdrawals or deposits using the lightning network. This is something we definitely want to add to the platform, but we can’t give any specific timeframe for it at the moment.

SCP Developments

With the final touches given to the GUI, the implementation of SCP-2 staking tokens has been completed. As we mentioned last week, SCP-2 is a standard for tokens that allows holders to receive staking rewards on a per-block basis directly in their wallets. These rewards are automatically accumulated and can be easily claimed by the user by clicking a button.

We have also finished the SCP lightwallet implementation. This grants full access to the SCP network with instant-sync and low hardware requirements via third party full nodes.

There have been some minor additional developments for SCP this week: A full-node REST API for third parties like exchanges and pools, real time APR displays for staking tokens and an activity dashboard widget with the last 5 SCP transactions.

Webminer XMRig Proxy

Since last week we have been working on a solution for the webminer issues users have been experiencing. As we mentioned, a problem persists related to the surpassing of the maximum allowed number of workers per individual account with Monero Ocean. To address this, we set up an XMRig proxy and finalized configuring its internal API. Once we figure out the payment distribution, this solution will be ready to go live and we’ll be able to move miners over to it.

Wallet Maintenance News

BSC Issues Solved

We have managed to get the BNB wallet to sync, and took it out of maintenance. Deposits and withdrawals should now function properly, only with minor delays. The situation is still not ideal, as the blockchain is still not working properly, but delays should be now at most half an hour to one hour long. We continue to wait for a fix to be released but until then we cannot do more to improve on this front.

Peony Swap

We have successfully completed the PNY swap and reopened withdrawals and deposits. There was a bit of deposit backlog due to users depositing coins during the period the wallet was in maintenance, but this has been cleared by now.

Keep in mind that deposit addresses have not changed after the swap, and pooled staking has resumed.

Monk and Shard Swaps

As we informed last week, Monk will undergo a swap on the 18th of May and Shard on the 17th to the BSC chain. We are supporting both of these swaps. No user action is required, simply have your coins in the StakeCube wallets before the respective deadlines and we will swap them for you.

We will put the wallets in maintenance, and open them again once the swap has been completed. As usual, we will be unable to swap coins after the deadline.

For further reference regarding the Shard swap you can read last week’s newsletter:

Coin Wallet Updates

The following wallets have been updated:

Previous version:
New version:
Masternode restarts to be announced. This wallet was updated twice, once to and then to

Previous version:
New version:

Previous version:
New version:
No masternodes of this coin are currently running.