This Week on StakeCube, 21st of May 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

A few days ago Bitcoin saw one of the deepest crashes of the last few years, taking down the entire market with it. As is common with this kind of event, altcoins suffered even more. SCC didn’t experience much of a sell-off, but nevertheless the price reflects the Bitcoin crash as well. Mining returns decreased significantly due to the price crash reducing mining margins, combined with the latest increase in mining difficulty that saw a 20% increment. The good news is, markets usually bounce back quickly from such deep capitulation crashes. Hopefully next week numbers already reflect this.

  • User Count: 91,867 +1.66%
  • Pool Value: 615 BTC -10.87%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.084 BTC -29.24%
  • SCC Price: $1.91 -31.41%
  • SCC Market Cap: $11,540,000 -31.20%
  • Alexa Rank 11604 -165
Second Worker OTC Order

We have managed payment for the second OTC order, which is at the moment awaiting delivery. This time the order was for more than 28,000 workers. OTC orders amount to a total of 51000 workers so far, which is about 20% of the total workers sold. We have started collecting the third round of OTC orders, so if you want to buy some workers in bulk just head over to Discord and place your order with a support ticket.

StakeCube Whitepaper

Crypto projects need a whitepaper that help present the idea behind them to anyone curious about it. This kind of document describes what goals projects have and and what kind of solutions they bring to an existing problem. Work has started this week on a whitepaper for StakeCube, outlining our mission, as well as describing all aspects of the project in detail. The aim is to have a document that helps us show potential partners or investors what StakeCube is all about.

We’re aiming to finish this whitepaper by the end of the month. Once we complete the work we will publish it and announce it through the regular channels. If you have any suggestions, you’re welcome to open a ticket on Discord and share your ideas with us.

StakeCube Branding Report v2

Over the past few weeks we conducted a new survey asking users to characterize StakeCube and what services or features they find most attractive. The results are in, and you can read all about it following this link:

Interestingly, less than 10% of respondents consider StakeCube to be primarily an exchange, with a vast majority characterizing it as a mining, staking and masternodes platform. This is also reflected in the next part, where most users said they are here to take advantage of the earning possibilities; with only a small fraction replying that they use the exchange the most.

Although StakeCube was founded as a staking pool, it is remarkable how many users selected mining as their most used feature on StakeCube, with 31.48% of respondents. However the most popular feature is by a small edge interest earning, while proof of stake pool placed a distant third.

An overwhelming majority of users consider StakeCube either reliable and secure or fast and simple, with only 3.75% choosing the “neither” option. They also showed enthusiasm responding to the next question where 78.5% think StakeCube offers more services than other exchanges. This is understandable, as we saw from previous questions that most users would not even characterize StakeCube as an exchange.

Thank you to the more than 1500 users that decided to participate in the survey. Your input is very valuable to us and will be used to improve your experience.

First Coin Swap to SCP: TRBO

This week the TRBO team announced their decision to swap their coin to SCP, being the first coin to do so. TRBO has been historically one of the most popular coins on StakeCube, being listed very early on in 2018. It is the coin used for microtask payments on the moments market platform. There, you can publish small tasks that require many people to perform (e.g. retweeting something), which people will do in exchange for a small compensation. Concordantly, you can also use the platform to perform these tasks yourself and earn some money with it. You can check it out here:

The swap will coincide with the release of a new version of the platform, and with a rebrand that will rename the coin to Moments (MMT). You can read all about it in the Medium post that they published regarding these changes:

Coming with the swap will be a supply reduction as well. TRBO’s massive supply made it difficult to reach prices at which it would make sense to trade the BTC pairs. The reduction will be 1000:1, more details will be announced in the following weeks.

RPD Hot Nodes Active Again

After the supply reduction RPD underwent last week, Rapids hot nodes were temporarily inactive. They are active again and available for installation. To install them just click on the green “+” button here:

You will need to have the collateral of 10000 RPD in your StakeCube account.

Development News

SCP Developments

Community testing for SCP has continued, with the inclusion of many new randomly selected users for the Q&A team. Thanks to the feedback provided by these testers, we have added massive UI and UX improvements to the SCP wallet. The latest SCP interface is becoming fluid and lightning-fast. Moreover, we have implemented huge performance improvements in syncing, full-node and lightwallet synchronization threads.

Work will continue over the next week, when we will give a new progress update.

Webminer Developments

As we commented in the last newsletter, we were working on the webminer to tackle issues experienced by our users over the last few weeks. We have now updated to a new proxy pool server which provides much faster API and mining results. For the moment we had to disable web-based mining until we upgrade the frontend libraries to support the new proxy. That means, for the moment only XMRig mining is possible.

We removed the requirement of _SC_webminer from the username section. Users may now mine simply using their StakeCube username. Users running XMRig must update their configs to continue receiving payouts on the new pool system:


The new webminer system is over 100 times more efficient, updating frontend shares and hashrate nearly in real-time. The webminer software has also been upgraded to MoneroOcean XMRig (6.12.1), please update your XMRig for best mining results.

More recently we have also added the ability to see the value of shares during payouts. This makes it possible to check your earnings even during the payout period. Additionally, we have fixed an issue that was causing the “payouts in progress” mode to enable prematurely.

BotCube Upgrade

BotCube, our friendly Discord bot has gotten a new upgrade with the addition of webminer and SCP commands. To use the webminer command, go to the #botcube-earndrop channel on discord and type the command !webminer <username>. This will display the shares, hashrate, connected devices and estimated earnings in SCC and fiat obtained by the specified account.

As for the SCP commands, the following have been added: !scp and !scp tokens. The first provides a list of all BotCube commands related to SCP whereas the second lists all tokens with their properties, issuer, contracts and global SCP usage data.

The bot has also been tweaked to never display the “Currency Unavailable” error by forcing USD onto all invalid currency preference settings.

DevCube Developments

We have added to DevCube a community-maintained PHP library for the SC REST API v2, with appropriate disclaimers for due diligence. PHP developers are now welcome to build easy ways to use StakeCube services.

Wallet Maintenance News

DAPS Wallet Improvements

Since we listed DAPS some time ago, the wallet has experienced some issues with delayed deposits being the most common consequence of them. We have done some work in cooperation with the DAPS team to eliminate once and for all these issues and from now on have more predictable DAPS deposits and withdrawals. Although the results are promising, it is likely there will need to be further work done to it in the future.

TUP Wallet Maintenance

The TUP wallet was in maintenance for a few days due to the explorers being out of sync. Without a blockchain explorer it becomes impossible to confirm or check transactions, forcing us to wait for the situation to be resolved. The wallet is now back online, as the explorer should be working now properly.

Shard and Monk Swaps

We have completed the Shard swap to BSC-20 and reopened the wallet for deposits and withdrawals. The supply didn’t change and all accounts received 1 swapped coin per coin held before the swap.

The Monk team has postponed the swap until the 31st of May, but all considerations regarding it remain the same. For more information you can check out last week’s newsletter:

Coin Wallet Updates

The following wallets have been updated:

Previous version:
New version: