This Week on StakeCube, 28th of May 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

As Bitcoin has continued to struggle lately, growth has been somewhat stagnant for StakeCube as well. We added another thousand users, which is still a huge number of them, but all other metrics went down slightly. Mining revenue also fell a bit, still struggling with the sluggish Bitcoin recovery and the increase in mining difficulty. The good news is, with the recent exodus of miners from China, difficulty is expected to fall quite significantly 2 days from now. This should bump up mining profitability and demand for SCC with it.

  • User Count: 92,942 +1.17%
  • Pool Value: 610 BTC -0.81%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.081 BTC -3.57%
  • SCC Price: $1.16 -11.45%
  • SCC Market Cap: $10,270,000 -11.01%
  • Alexa Rank 11971 -367
New Developer Hires

Some time ago we initiated a campaign to grow our team to respond to the added demand coming from StakeCube’s strong growth. This included the plan to hire more developers, as version 3 adds a very significant workload to our staff. Additionally parallel developments like SCP, the webminer and daily tasks like support tickets or other issues slow down progress significantly.

There are going to be very important changes that will be announced soon when all details are clear. For the moment we have hired a new frontend developer to work closely with the branding and UX team. Two additional backend developers are going through the onboarding phase. Once they finish their tests and we review their work they will be added to the team as well. Since this is all very recent we will wait to make a more detailed announcement when everything has been decided on.

Rapids vs StakeCube Rocket League Match

The StakeCube and Rapids teams will hold a Rocket League match to decide which team is the best of the whole Crypto space. This event will take place on June the 5th. The match will be live-streamed on and we expect you all to watch and cheer for the StakeCube team to help us achieve victory. For the moment prize pool and match conditions haven’t been set. We will give you all details once this is clearer.

StakeCube AMA hosted by Rapids

Next week as well the Rapids team has offered to host an AMA session with StakeCube team members. Derek, RVG1503 and possibly some others from the team will be answering all of your questions. The exact date hasn’t been decided yet but you can start thinking of questions to bring up during the session.

Second Worker OTC Order

The second worker OTC order that was placed last week has now been distributed to the users. We wish a happy mining to all those that participated. Also, we’re still collecting for the third OTC worker order, so if you’re interested just open a ticket on Discord and we’ll guide you further.

Development News

SCP Launch Date and News

We are very excited to announce we have already a date for the official SCP launch. The release will take place next Thursday, the 3rd of June. The launch will offer all Windows binaries to start with, which will be accessible on our official Github page:

On the release date, at exactly 00:00:00 GMT the protocol will delete all existing testnet tokens. This will create a clean slate and will mark the beginning of the SCP Mainnet.

The release will include a major upgrade. A new SCP codebase library dedicated to wallet management has added full mempool-chaining capabilities to the wallet. This allows SCP to utilize Instantsend for the first time, which is the first step to a real-time confirmation-less smart chain.

Other changes include the decrease of SCP wallet fees by 99.2% and the ability to burn SCP tokens at will with a simple console command.

SCP UX Improvements

We have continued working with our team of volunteer testers to implement changes to the UX. Some of their suggested improvements that we have added to the wallet are:

  • Input boxes will now reset when switching pages.
  • More frequent automatic balance refresh.
  • Confusing or spammy debug logs have been removed
  • Ability to send multiple transactions without having to wait for a new block.

Additionally there will be now the possibility to switch themes, with support for potentially unlimited custom-made skins. As an example, here’s a screenshot of the newly added dark theme:

SCC Webminer

We have updated the miner configurations on the webminer page with new options. New mining algorithms are available and an increased benchmark time from 20 seconds to 60 should improve results. The Nvidia folder now also contains older CUDA versions in case users running older GPUs need them.

As for the proxy solution we recently implemented; we have been balancing the proxy difficulty, as we had a few users with very strong hash rates start mining. For the moment it has increased to 200,001 and we will monitor in case further change is needed.

Wallet Maintenance News

Privcy Swap

The Privcy swap has successfully completed, and wallets are again open for deposit and withdrawal. The swap didn’t alter the coin supply, but new wallet addresses were generated. Please don’t send coins to your old address, as this will result in loss of funds.

RPD Hot Wallet Downgrade

We recently upgraded or RPD wallets to version However, we have been forced to revert the hot wallet to, since the new wallet version seems to cause a lot of problems. We were happy with version, as it had allowed us to reopen NodeCube masternodes. All we can do now is hope they release a new version that is stable so that we can reintroduce the upgrade to the hot wallet.

Coin Wallet Updates

Work has continued this week migrating wallets to improved server setups. Additionally, the following wallets have been updated:

Previous version:
New version:

Previous version:
New version:

Previous version:
New version: