FAQ – Webminer on StakeCube

StakeCube Webminer

Before we begin it is important that you read the following safety warning:

Webmining uses your CPU. All miners can generate a large amount of heat which can reduce efficiency and eventually even permanently damage your hardware. Ensure miners have adequate cooling and airflow.
StakeCube is not responsible for any damage to your device.

The webminer can be found at https://stakecube.net/app/minecube/scc. This miner is selecting from an algorithm pool to mine using only the most profitable between several CPU-friendly ones.

How to Start Mining

First, you need an account on StakeCube. Head over there and register.

Then go to the page with the miner and simply enter your account name and press start (see red arrows in the picture below). If you are logged into the platform it will automatically fill in your username.

You control how many CPU threads to mine with. It will be set to one as standard when you enter the site, but this can be modified using the + and – buttons. (see blue arrows in the picture below)
The webminer will never allow using all your CPU threads, the maximum is set as the total number of threads – 1. For example, if your CPU has 16 threads it will only allow you to use 15.

How do I get Paid

You will be paid automatically to your StakeCube account.

What is the fee for Webmining

There is no fee for the webmining with StakeCube.

Can I Mine on Several Devices?

Of course, you can open the website on several devices at the same time. Enter your username and press start. The hashrate from all devices will mine for you.

I pressed start but nothing happens, why

Make sure you have disabled adblocks / miner blocks. Those will usually block the webminer.

What is a Thread

A CPU has cores and threads. Cores are an actual hardware component whereas thread is a virtual component that manages the tasks.

How Often are Payouts Credited

We aim to set up a daily payout but at the moment payments occur every time the payment threshold is reached. This is now set to 0.1 SCC.