FAQ – NodeCube Cold Hosting

What is “NodeCube” Cold-Node hosting?

The Cold-Node setup option allows you to host cold masternode(s) for supported coins. StakeCube hosts, maintains and updates the masternode(s) but you keep the coins/collateral in your personal wallet. Basic technical knowledge needed to configure the node in your controller wallet.

What are the requirements for hosting a Cold-Node with “NodeCube”?

You will need the coins own desktop wallet and the collateral for a full masternode. You will also need some SCC available in your StakeCube balance on site for payment of fee’s.

If you do not want to manage your own wallet and are looking for an easier site integrated option please see the NodeCube Hot-Node on site.

How much does the Cold-Node hosting cost?

The Cold-Node fee is paid in SCC at the value $1.50 per 30 days. This fee is paid in advance. Refunds are not possible for time or hosting not used.

How do I get and install my own desktop wallet?

If you click on the coin info from the wallet/dashboard page on site you will see links including GitHub. There you will find wallet links and instructions on how to install the desktop wallet.

Always make sure you are downloading from an official source!

Can I cancel or destroy my Cold-Node setup?

Yes you can by clicking on the destroy Cold-Node button. Please note that the fee charged for Cold-Node services are paid in advance. After termination the node will stay online and is still usable until the period ends.

What happens if I don’t have enough balance to cover the next payment?

The payment interval per node is 30 days. If you do not have enough SCC in your StakeCube account to cover the fee for the next runtime period, we will send you a reminder (via e-mail) 5 days before debit and ask you to fill. If there is still no credit available in time of charge, the masternode will be un-installed. Of course, your collateral will not be lost, your coins remain in your local wallet.