This Week on StakeCube, 9th of July 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

After the latest difficulty reduction, mining revenue has continued to grow spectacularly this week. At these levels, more than 1500 SCC are automatically bought from the market every day. This has put some buying pressure on SCC, with prices already seeing a small recovery. The last few weeks we have also seen huge DASH deposits, that have allowed us to start again almost all of the collecting shared masternodes. StakeCube has already close to 0.6% of the total Dash mining hashrate, and 0.25% of the masternodes running. We’re slowly consolidating our position as a key service provider for the Dash community.

  • User Count: 103,067 +1.69%
  • Pool Value: 594.9 BTC -1.44%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.163 BTC +29.37%
  • SCC Price: $0.86 +2.38%
  • SCC Market Cap: $7,805,000 +2.27%
  • Alexa Rank 15,590 -856

Remember that you can also select SCC payouts for MineCube, by clicking the following button:

StakeCube LitePaper

This week we finalized work on a first version of our LitePaper. It should help provide a quick overview of StakeCube, its mission, and all the possibilities that our ecosystem offers. We will periodically review this document to keep it updated and implement any other changes that might be necessary. You can take a look here:

The litepaper is a key step to be able to access new listings and partnerships for SCC and StakeCube. Not only is it a requirement for many platforms, it also serves as a presentation card to our project, contributing to improve our image. Because version 3 is still work in progress, we felt it unnecessary to write a more encompassing whitepaper. However, once we release it, we will work on a longer document covering all areas and all the updated apps.

Klimatas Listing

The winner of our June coin vote was Klimatas (KTS) with 1153 votes. Klimatas is a blockchain project focused on sustained development. You can read more about it on their official website:

The listing is now complete, with staking active and two exchange pairs, BTC and SCC:

To all those joining us from the Klimatas community, welcome and happy staking!

Possible Integration of StakeCube Exchange on CCXT

We opened an issue on the CCXT Github, to add StakeCube Exchange to the list of their supported exchanges. CCXT is a JavaScript / Python / PHP library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce. CCXT already supports a long list of exchanges and merchant APIs. Integrating with it could bring many new users to the exchange, adding liquidity, as well as many other possibilities through automated strategies. If you have the expertise necessary to take over this implementation, you’re very welcome to do so. Here’s a link to the opened issue:

We have an NPM module available, which can be easily connected to any Node.js/JS service:

SCC added to Moments Market

The Moments (MMT) team has added SCC as payout option for tasks in the Moments market. This means that users will now be able to make their microtasks payable in SCC. If you want to earn some easy SCC, go check out the Moments market website:

StakeCube Exchange added to Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch have added StakeCube Exchange to their exchange list. They will now be able to use StakeCube exchange pairs to provide payouts in different currencies. This should improve the liquidity of some of our currency pairs. At the moment, they seem most interested in SCC and PRIV.

Dogecoin Minimum Withdrawal Reduced

Some users were concerned that the Dogecoin minimum withdrawal amount was too large considering the recent price increases. With this in mind, we have reduced it from 200 Doge to 100 Doge. Find here a list of all of our fees, bonuses and withdrawal minimums:

June Trivia

The June Trivia competition has finished. These are this month’s winners:

  1. Blarks with 28 correct answers
  2. Btran with 23 correct answers
  3. Jonnidewoolf with 21 correct answers

The prizes were 15 SCC for the winner, 9 SCC for the second place and 6 SCC for the third place. This month we had 17 participants with at least one correct answer. To all of you that participated we hope you enjoyed the competition and best of luck for next month!

Goss Delisted

A few weeks ago we decided to delist Goss due to the lack of development and abandonment of the project by their team. The delist went forward this week as planned, and all exchange orders were cancelled. Coins not withdrawn before the deadline of the 8th of July are considered lost.

OTC Orders Waiting Period

Our mining services provider Meatec has increased the delivery time for new miner orders. Because of this, OTC orders will from now on have an expected delivery time of 10 to 15 days.

Development News

StakeCube Protocol News

Today we make public the first SCP wallet upgrade. This new version is the result of a full month of back and forth development and testing involving both the community and the team. The wallet comes with a massive feature overhaul, and improvements in UX, stability, resource usage and general performance. Download it from here:

In particular these are the changes we implemented:

  • A “Claim All” button. This button eliminates the need to individually claim each token’s rewards. This is particularly useful for SCP-2 whales. One click and you’ll get all rewards in your wallet. Easy!
  • Zero Balances Hidden. We consider that zero balances are in general not so interesting to have displayed by default. However, if you still want to see them, you can disable this feature from the settings menu.
  • Transaction notifications will no longer duplicate on stakes, deployments or burns.
  • Full-node performance improvements. We have taken a huge leap on this front, with syncing now 2 to 4 times faster and only 50% CPU usage. The bottleneck for further improvement is now the RPC itself (SCC Core).
  • Other minor UI improvements. Try to spot them!
StakeCube Protocol Integrations

The SCP family continues to grow with every new implementation. If you’re looking to integrate your project token into StakeCube Protocol, feel free to open a support ticket on our Discord channel:

We will provide you with guidance and help you achieve a successful implementation.

Liquidity Tool Implemented

We are developing a tool to bring liquidity to our exchange, using automated trading opportunities. For the moment we are testing it with small amounts on the Doge, LTC and DASH pairs with BTC. As time passes we will increase volumes and extend it to other exchange pairs. We expect it to greatly increase usability for our exchange, as big spreads are a common concern.

The tool has been very successful in reducing spreads for the pairs where we implemented it. The spreads at the moment of writing are 1.7% on the Doge/BTC pair, 2% on the DASH/BTC pair and 0.2% on the LTC/BTC pair.

SCPscan Release

SCPscan is our official open-source explorer for StakeCube Protocol. It is designed to host a very rich feature set and tools to assist users to explore and discover the SCP ecosystem. As development continues, we will expand this set, but at the moment these are the available features:

  • Global Tokens Overview. This is a list of all existing tokens, sorted by network usage. The sorting places the most used ones at the top, and should help visualize what tokens are most popular.
  • Transfers and Activity Lists. With it you can track all transactions, stakes and other interactions.
  • Holders List. A rich-list providing an advanced view of the network’s token distribution.
  • APR and Staking Statistics. Simple overview of token’s APR.
  • Staking Calculator. You can use this feature to calculate your SCP-2 token staking earnings.

Check it out here:

SCPscan is fully open source and available through our official Github:

Everyone is free to contribute to the development, or to run locally or host a SCP explorer on their server.

Wallet Maintenance News

We updated the following wallets:

Previous version:
New version:
The PAC team had requested that the wallet be put in maintenance due to forking caused by the previous version.
We didn’t have to restart masternodes for this update.