This Week on StakeCube, 24th of September 2021

StakeCube in Numbers

This week we saw prices fall drastically for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as bad news have been piling up. First, the Evergrande crisis seems to have affected virtually all financial markets, while later in the week we got news of restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions imposed by the Central Bank of China. It is surprising that Crypto markets keep reacting negatively to this, since China banning Bitcoin has been a recurring theme for the last few years. Nevertheless it seems to have caused many price crashes, and this has also been reflected in our figures for the week. Only our user count has increased, adding close to 1,000 new users since last week.

  • User Count: 120,689 +0.77%
  • Pool Value: 676.49 BTC -8.73%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.096 BTC -7.69%
  • SCC Price: $0.84 -17.65%
  • SCC Market Cap: $7,910,000 -16.79%
  • Daily Exchange Volume $474,797 -31.04%
  • Alexa Rank 19,178 -341

This week’s top 5 gainers includes only one coin, as all other listed ones had negative growth. The lone survivor is Syscoin, that managed to reach a modest 12% growth thanks to the hype of running smart contracts backed by Bitcoin’s security. Given the performance of most other coins, this is no small feat.

Top 5 Gainers

  1. SYS+12.0%
SCC Added to Merge’s Rocketbot

Rocketbot is a project by the Merge team to allow for cryptocurrency payments, transfers or airdrops through different social media. Today they added SCC to the list of supported coins, which means now you can use their service to pay or send SCC through any linked social media accounts. This was the official announcement:

Check out their website as well to learn more about the project and how to use Rocketbot:

NodeCube Update

We have implemented new checks to improve on the process to detect problems and repair nodes. This should increase their stability, shortening any downtimes that might occur. These changes have not altered the front end in any way. The work was done in the background, and thus there was no interruption in the provision of NodeCube services.

Webminer Issues

In the last few weeks the Webminer has had stability issues that force us to close it down for the moment. Our development team has more pressing tasks to take care of, and it is causing too many problems. We will pay out the accumulated rewards soon, but can’t give an exact date yet. In the future, when the development team has more time to take care of it, we will consider re-opening it.

MineCube Stats

These are some statistics for MineCube as of today:

  • 332 users with at least 100% recovered
  • 165 average workers per user
  • Highest recovery rate: 115.2%
  • $1.96 million worth of workers sold

Still not there but getting closer everyday! Interest in buying workers seems to be going down due to the decreased returns. However, returns fluctuate and could rise again at a later stage. When this happens, there will be a rush to buy workers again. Might be a good strategy to grab some now while things are slow. Keep in mind that ROI remains very attractive at around 16 months. This is more than twice faster than a year ago, when MineCube was just starting.

You Can Help Write This Week on StakeCube Too!

This weekly newsletter is the product of the whole StakeCube team’s efforts, but there is no reason our community can’t contribute too. As you have seen, occasionally we write dedicate some sections to topics other than just discussing the news. For example if we feel that it could be useful to explain how some of our services work. If you have an idea of something you would want discussed, or explained, feel free to open a support ticket on Discord and let us know. We will review the idea and add it to the newsletter if we think it could be interesting to all of our readers.

Development News


StakeCube Protocol News

There has been further progress on the NFT front, along with the new Dev Tools UI. These allow SCP users to easily deploy NFTs and full collections. The process is rather simple; just filling out a few fields and clicking on “Create” is all it takes to deploy your very own NFT collection.

Work is currently focused around NFT card deployments, with decentralized IPFS-hosted images. As we mentioned, this ensures that all NFT images in SCP are completely immutable and cannot be edited or modified. This is a significant improvement with respect to traditional web-based NFT images. By using an IPFS pinning service, the images of your NFTs deployed to SCP are permanent.

Demo of the new NFT Collection Dev Tools:


Wallet Maintenance News

Wallet Updates

We updated the following wallets:

Previous version:
New version:
We had to roll back to a previous version, as withdrawals were never accepted or confirmed.

Security Notice

Please read the following information regarding the security of your account and funds:

The team will:

  • Never contact you first
  • Never ask you to send them or move coins to some other address
  • Never ask you for remote access or to install any third party software
  • Never ask you for your password or 2FA codes
  • Never provide support using direct messages

If you observe any of these listed behaviors, someone is trying to steal money from you. This applies to all of our social media channels. Our team will post official messages in the appropriate channels, and we only offer support through our ticket system on Discord.

Please, also take into account the following measures to keep your account secure:

  • Enable 2FA in the account settings
  • Enable IP verification in the account settings
  • Use a strong password
  • Change the password regularly
  • Never share your password with others
  • Never allow remote access to your devices
  • If you require assistance, use only the official channels
  • Download software only from verified sources

SCP Wallet is now signed with JSKitty’s public PGP key. This allows users to verify that the wallet has been cryptographically signed and approved by him. Even if our GitHub is compromised, the downloads are still safe as long as the PGP verification confirms that the files have not been tampered with. If you download SCP, please verify the binary against our developer’s public key: