This Week on StakeCube, 14th of January 2022

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

The markets reached a new bottom this week, with Bitcoin losing the $40,000 support on Monday. Prices managed to recover later in the week and Bitcoin is now slowly pushing towards $45,000. So far the Crypto market seems to be following the stock markets, reacting in the same direction to the events that have been happening. For example both the stock markets and the Crypto markets recovered after the announcement that CPI inflation has reached 7% in the United States. It seems like investors can’t decide whether to consider Bitcoin a risk-on asset or an inflation hedge. If it is a risk-on asset, then the announcement by the Fed that they will increase interest rates should be bad news for Bitcoin. However, if it is an inflation hedge, the fact that high inflation is here to stay should push prices higher. Perhaps both are true? We will soon find out.

As for StakeCube, we couldn’t have asked for a better week. This time, all of our metrics are in the green, with a pronounced increase in exchange volume standing out. Interestingly, we have also noticed a significant increase in new user registrations over the last two weeks. It could be that our exchange is gaining popularity.

  • User Count: 133,336 +0.67%
  • Pool Value: 589.45 BTC +1.95%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.052 BTC +8.33%
  • SCC Price: $0.71 +5.97%
  • SCC Market Cap: $7,192,000 +5.28%
  • Daily Exchange Volume $108,724 +37.00%
  • Alexa Rank 16,745 +786

On the top 5, Doge had a good pump following the announcement that Tesla has made it possible to pay for merchandise with it. We see once again the magic Elon effect on the meme coin. SYS was also in the top 5, thanks to the release of the PegasysDEX testnet, the first DEX built on the SYS blockchain.

These were the top 5 gainers for this week:

Top 5 Gainers

  1. MONK +70.5%
  2. DOGE +21.5%
  3. SYS +17.6%
  4. DAPS +14.9%
  5. DASH +13.9%
Graphene Airdrop

On the 17th of December, the second Graphene airdrop took place. This airdrop corresponds to the Snapshot taken on the 11th of April at 23:59 UTC. You can see the transaction we used to claim the tokens for our users:

Last Saturday we distributed the tokens. StakeCube users that had a positive Phore balance on that date should have the Graphene tokens credited already.

Some SCC and SCP Stats

It’s time again to take a look at some statistics for our beloved StakeCube Protocol:

  • Total unique addresses using SCP: 544
  • Total SCP Transactions: 9,848
  • SCP Wallet Downloads (Latest – v1.1.7): 125
  • Total SCP Wallet Downloads: 1,715
  • SCP Tokens: 28
  • SCP NFT collections: 196
  • SCP NFTs minted: 19,320

As we can see, NFTs on SCP continue to be a very popular feature, with 19,320 NFTs minted across almost 200 different collections. All this activity has burned already more than 2 masternodes worth of SCC!

As for SCC, these are some stats counting from the Genesis block of the 5th of October 2020:

  • Blocks: 308,515
  • Transactions: 548,300
  • Total coins moved: 952,292,044 SCC
  • Fees paid: 3.17 SCC
  • Active addresses: 125,228

Almost 1 billion SCC has been transferred! Also 125,228 addresses is a pretty huge number.

StakeCube AMA hosted by Fundi Finance

As we announced last week, Fundi Finance will be hosting Derek for an AMA session with StakeCube as the main topic. It will take place tomorrow Saturday at 9PM UTC. To participate in it, just join the Fundi Telegram server:

Also, if you want to learn more about Fundi Finance, you can read the transcript of the AMA session we organized for them on our Telegram server:

ComfyCast Crypto Podcast

ComfyCast Crypto Podcast hosted Derek this week, but the recording isn’t public yet. It will be published on the 22nd of January on Spotify, but meanwhile feel free to check the ComfyCast Crypto Podcast here:

Once public, our interview will appear at the top.

TUP Wallet

Unfortunately we feel forced to place the TUP wallet into maintenance for the moment, without any tentative date when we’ll be able to put it back online. As you might have heard, their blockchain is being subject to an exploit that greatly diminishes masternode rewards. Of course this does not apply to the ERC20 token that isn’t listed on StakeCube.

StakeCube pointed out the exploit to the TUP team weeks before the issues started, including multiple requests for a wallet update that would patch the exploit. So far we haven’t received any fix for it or heard anything else regarding this topic. The explorer that was hosted by one of our advisors was also shut down yesterday, as we see no sense in keeping it running given the circumstances.

If you are a TUP holder, we encourage you to contact the TUP team and ask for a fix to the exploit affecting their blockchain so that we can safely take the wallet out of maintenance.

StakeCube eSport

Starting the 29th of January, we have already 15 Rocket League events planned for this year. We are also starting plans for a series of Apex Legends tournaments as well. We will announce the first event soon, so make sure to load up your weapons and charge your shields!

If you’re interested in sponsoring any of these events, feel free to contact us at This is a great chance to get some exposure within the gaming community!




StakeCube Fan Token Airdrop

Our team member Xardas has created the first SCP FanClub token to promote SCP inside our community. The token was airdropped to all existing SCP addresses to ensure good distribution. There will be other airdrops in the future, to reward early adopters of SCP. Meanwhile, feel free to have fun with it!

16th Dash Masternode

We have now filled and installed the 16th Dash shared masternode. Dash continues to be one of the most popular coins on StakeCube; our total Dash holdings amount to $2.6 million.

MineCube Stats

This week there was a minor disruption on Tuesday that caused us to credit the mined coins the next day. No coins were lost, simply delayed by one day. Mining returns seem to have increased this week thanks to the price recovery.

These are some statistics for MineCube as of today:

  • 495 users with at least 100% recovered
  • 172 average workers per user
  • Highest recovery rate: 135.14%
  • $2.27 million worth of workers sold

These are some statistics relevant to the mining of Bitcoin:

  • Hashpower: 174.57m TH/s -2.15%
  • Difficulty: 24.34t +0.29%
  • Bitcoin Price: $43,080 +2.61%
  • StakeCube Hashpower: 1,581.0 TH/s +0.2%

And these are the current number of miners for each coin (including damaged):

  • BTC: 352
  • Dash: 110
  • ETH: 18
  • LTC: 11

Development News


The site has had a bunch of design, UX and feature improvements, most especially for the NFT explorer and Download page for SCP Wallet!

  • Traded collections will have their total trades listed in their collection page stats.
  • NFT images can be clicked in the “Detailed” page to open them in full-screen.
  • Added a new files table under the “Advanced” option in the Download page.
  • Added a “coin profiles” system. Coins can now apply to the support team to have more details put on their coin page.
  • Added SCP favicon and header branding.
  • Shifted the Dark/Light mode toggle to the right of the header.

Wallet Maintenance News

Wallet Updates

No wallets had to be updated this week.

Security Notice

Please read the following information regarding the security of your account and funds:

The team will:

  • Never contact you first
  • Never ask you to send them or move coins to some other address
  • Never ask you for remote access or to install any third party software
  • Never ask you for your password or 2FA codes
  • Never provide support using direct messages

If you observe any of these listed behaviors, someone is trying to steal money from you. This applies to all of our social media channels. Our team will post official messages in the appropriate channels, and we only offer support through our ticket system on Discord.

Please, also take into account the following measures to keep your account secure:

  • Enable 2FA in the account settings
  • Enable IP verification in the account settings
  • Use a strong password
  • Change the password regularly
  • Never share your password with others
  • Never allow remote access to your devices
  • If you require assistance, use only the official channels
  • Download software only from verified sources

SCP Wallet is now signed with JSKitty’s public PGP key. This allows users to verify that the wallet has been cryptographically signed and approved by him. Even if our GitHub is compromised, the downloads are still safe as long as the PGP verification confirms that the files have not been tampered with. If you download SCP, please verify the binary against our developer’s public key: