This Week on StakeCube, 7th of January 2022

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

Again everything took a dive this week, probably as a consequence of the Federal Reserve’s change of tone with respect to their monetary policy. Apparently they are considering raising interest rates, which would make assets that don’t generate cash flow (such as stocks or Bitcoin) less attractive. However, it is questionable whether the Fed will actually be able to do this, as it would likely cause a widespread market crash and/or a deep recession. Bitcoin is also close to a strong support at $40,000. As for other cryptocurrencies, once again most of them crashed, with only a few exceptions like Cosmos or Chainlink. On StakeCube we had higher than usual growth in new users and pool value, but nevertheless SCC fell quite a bit following the general market trend.

  • User Count: 132,446 +0.82%
  • Pool Value: 578.19 BTC +2.35%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.048 BTC +0%
  • SCC Price: $0.67 -15.19%
  • SCC Market Cap: $6,831,000 -14.33%
  • Daily Exchange Volume $79,363 -6.69%
  • Alexa Rank 17,531 +512

Not many listed coins escaped the massacre this week, but a few of them got pretty good growth. PAC was the one with the highest growth, perhaps after progress with their data storage accounts was mentioned on CoinTelegraph:

RVN was also mentioned in the article and managed to keep the gains through the worst of the crash as well.

These were the top 5 gainers for this week:

Top 5 Gainers

  1. PAC +36.9%
  2. SHARD +21.6%
  3. RVN +19.7%
  4. TUP+17.5%
  5. BIR +13%

Also, if you’re an US citizen you might want to write your representatives and tell them to join the blockchain caucus:

We need to let legislators know how important cryptocurrencies are for our future, particularly now that potentially damaging laws are being considered in many places.

StakeCube AMA

After the great success of the Fundi Finance AMA organized by StakeCube, they have invited us to do the reverse. Des Prout from Fundi Finance will be interviewing our media relations representative Derek, who will answer all questions asked by their community. While originally planned for next week, they have announced they need a bit more time to organize. We will update you as soon as we have a final date for it. Meanwhile, feel free to join the Fundi Finance Telegram channel, as it will take place there:

But that’s not all! Derek is going to have a pretty busy time in the following weeks, as there are many other events planned. On January the 19th at 2PM EST he will be participating in an AMA on the ComfyCast Crypto Podcast:

It will be posted there a few days after recording it. Also, on the 2nd of February, there will be a live stream at 10PM EST on the Crypto Tonight Youtube Channel:

Make sure you don’t miss any of these events!

Third Graphene Airdrop

We now have the final dates for the remaining 4 Graphene airdrops. They are these:

If you held Phore on StakeCube at the snapshot dates, you will receive the Graphene airdrops automatically on your account. The 2nd airdrop will be credited approximately on the 10th of January. We’re already preparing all the other airdrops but can’t specify a date when we’ll credit them yet.

Monk Collateral

After block 300,000, MONK masternodes will increase their collateral requirement from 12,000 coins to 20,000. MONK Hot Nodes using the old collateral will need to be destroyed and redeployed with the new collateral. Until this is done, you will see displayed the message “wrong collateral”.

CTSC Wallet

The CTSC team reactivated the official explorer, which allowed us to take the wallet out of Maintenance. It is now online and may be used for deposits and withdrawals.

Bansky Collection Giveaway

If you want to earn a free Bansky NFT, Derek has announced he will be giving away an entirely new collection of them. If you want to get one, just join our Telegram channel:

The giveaway will take place on the 11th of January at an unspecified hour.

Check out also his other two Banksy collections:

Bansky 1
Bansky 2

StakeCube eSports

We have a very exciting year ahead of us at StakeCube eSports. Several new people have joined our staff, and together we’re planning lots of new events.

If you’re interested in eSports and would like to help us with it, we have a few new positions open! Feel free to feel out this form if you’re interested:

If we like your application, we will invite you to join us in the eSports team.

MineCube Stats

This week difficulty increased once more while prices of Bitcoin and most other mineable cryptocurrencies took a dive. Dash was the exception, ending the week flat. All of this should have a negative effect on mining returns that will probably be felt next week. There was also an important incident in Kazakhstan, where there was a widespread internet blackout. This made the hashrate temporarily sink by 15%, but it quickly returned to normal levels.

These are some statistics for MineCube as of today:

  • 486 users with at least 100% recovered
  • 172 average workers per user
  • Highest recovery rate: 134.51%
  • $2.26 million worth of workers sold

These are some statistics relevant to the mining of Bitcoin:

  • Hashpower: 178.4m TH/s +2.23%
  • Difficulty: 24.27t +0.3%
  • Bitcoin Price: $41,983 -11.26%
  • StakeCube Hashpower: 1,581.0 TH/s +0.2%

And these are the current number of miners for each coin (including damaged):

  • BTC: 352
  • Dash: 110
  • ETH: 18
  • LTC: 11

Development News

StakeCube V3

Design and implementation of the new exchange engine into the upcoming SC V3 platform has been completed. API-level testing showed exceptional results in performance and stability, with most of the previous inconveniences now resolved.

And for developers: the exchange API will be fully compatible with the previous SC v2 format, meaning you won’t need to change anything in your apps, bots or SDKs to switch. We have made sure that your integrations will migrate smoothly between the two platforms.

Wallet Maintenance News

Wallet Updates

No wallets had to be updated this week.

Security Notice

Please read the following information regarding the security of your account and funds:

The team will:

  • Never contact you first
  • Never ask you to send them or move coins to some other address
  • Never ask you for remote access or to install any third party software
  • Never ask you for your password or 2FA codes
  • Never provide support using direct messages

If you observe any of these listed behaviors, someone is trying to steal money from you. This applies to all of our social media channels. Our team will post official messages in the appropriate channels, and we only offer support through our ticket system on Discord.

Please, also take into account the following measures to keep your account secure:

  • Enable 2FA in the account settings
  • Enable IP verification in the account settings
  • Use a strong password
  • Change the password regularly
  • Never share your password with others
  • Never allow remote access to your devices
  • If you require assistance, use only the official channels
  • Download software only from verified sources

SCP Wallet is now signed with JSKitty’s public PGP key. This allows users to verify that the wallet has been cryptographically signed and approved by him. Even if our GitHub is compromised, the downloads are still safe as long as the PGP verification confirms that the files have not been tampered with. If you download SCP, please verify the binary against our developer’s public key: