This Week on StakeCube, 10th of September 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

This was a historical week for the Crypto markets, as we saw the first country recognize Bitcoin as their official currency. Last Wednesday El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, which means that it can be used to pay everywhere in the country. In a classic “sell the news” move, the markets promptly crashed causing huge liquidation numbers. Altcoins were dragged down as well with a few exceptions among platform coins like Solana. Recent increases in gas fees have people excited for alternatives offering lower transaction costs. StakeCube Coin was also affected by the market downturn, but it managed to maintain its value in Bitcoin terms. User growth for StakeCube was very healthy, and we saw a new boom in usage for our exchange with more than $2.5 million in weekly trading volume.

  • User Count: 118,124 +0.85%
  • Pool Value: 691.27 BTC +1.26%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.111 BTC -0.89%
  • SCC Price: $0.96 -15.79%
  • SCC Market Cap: $9,093,000 -15.15%
  • Daily Exchange Volume $379,121 +162.81%
  • Alexa Rank 19,033 +624

As for our top gainers, these are quite special since almost all listed coins had negative growth this week. This was this week’s top five:

Top 5 Gainers

  1. GBX+55.2%
  2. PAC+46.4%
  3. XLR +40.0%
  4. TUP +39.5%
  5. BTC2 +33.3%
Phore AMA

Friday evening at 7 PM UTC the Phore team is hosting an AMA session with their CEO Michael T regarding Phore developments and the upcoming Graphene projects.

If you want to participate or just watch it, it will be streamed on our Twitch channel for e-sports:

The VOD will be also available, if you want to watch this later.

In the near future we will be organizing a similar AMA about StakeCube Protocol. Stay tuned by following us on Twitch so that you don’t miss it.

MineCube Progress

These are some statistics for MineCube as of today:

  • 309 users with at least 100% recovered
  • 164 average workers per user
  • Highest recovery rate: 112.3%
  • 2900 users with at least 1 worker
  • $1.93 million worth of workers sold

Still closing in on the $2 million mark. Remember that you can buy workers in bulk by placing an OTC order via Discord. Simply open a support ticket and we will guide you through the process. If you don’t know how this works, you can follow this guide:

Rocket League Tournament Tomorrow

This Saturday we are hosting the return of the Rocket League tournament. This time it will be a one day event, filled with goals, flying cars, and lightning speed. If you are a Rocket League fan, come show us your support by following us on Twitter:

The tournament will start at 3 PM CEST and will be casted on our Twitch channel:

We also want to thank our sponsors for helping us organize the events, contributing to provide you with this sort of fun and entertainment. These were this tournament’s sponsors:

  • PIVX
  • Meatec
  • Zenzo
  • Phore
  • BTC2
Ghost Wallet Maintenance

The Ghost wallet had to be put back into maintenance, as it proved to be unstable. We informed their development team, and they will be looking into it. As soon as the issues are resolved, we will take the wallet out of maintenance.

StakeCube Hashrate

Taking a look at this website:

It turns out StakeCube Coin is the top 3 coin by network hashrate and top 4 by volume among the ones that use the X11 algorithm. Not bad for a 7 figure market cap coin!

Wallet Maintenance News

Wallet Updates

We updated the following wallets:

Previous version:
New version:
Masternodes had to be restarted

Security Notice

Please read the following information regarding the security of your account and funds:

The team will:

  • Never contact you first
  • Never ask you to send them or move coins to some other address
  • Never ask you for remote access or to install any third party software
  • Never ask you for your password or 2FA codes
  • Never provide support using direct messages

If you observe any of these listed behaviors, someone is trying to steal money from you. This applies to all of our social media channels. Our team will post official messages in the appropriate channels, and we only offer support through our ticket system on Discord.

Please, also take into account the following measures to keep your account secure:

  • Enable 2FA in the account settings
  • Enable IP verification in the account settings
  • Use a strong password
  • Change the password regularly
  • Never share your password with others
  • Never allow remote access to your devices
  • If you require assistance, use only the official channels
  • Download software only from verified sources

SCP Wallet is now signed with JSKitty’s public PGP key. This allows users to verify that the wallet has been cryptographically signed and approved by him. Even if our GitHub is compromised, the downloads are still safe as long as the PGP verification confirms that the files have not been tampered with. If you download SCP, please verify the binary against our developer’s public key: