Project review 2020

To ensure the quality of the platform and its listed projects, we (will) review the progress of coins every 6 months.

Reasons for delisting include but are not limited to one or more of the following:

No active development or progress, inactive or missing team, recurring chain/wallet issues, outdated chain/wallet code.

Other projects, with more active development, will be added short term to continue to provide a growing number of support coins.

Our evaluation for last 6 months results in the following coins to be de-listed by on

30 september 2020:

APR Coin – APR
Ducat – DC
Deviant – DEV
GoldPoker – GPKR
Ignition – IC
SpectrumX – SPE
Stipend – SPD
xChainz – XCZ

Please withdraw your coins in time, otherwise they are LOST! (coins will be burned)

Important notes for specific apps (if available):
– Withdraw: can take up to 24h, we refill the hot wallets in batches for security reasons
– PoS distribution: will be deactivated on august 31th
– Shared masternodes: will be shutdown on august 31th (please cancel your slots)
– Exchange: markets will be disabled on september 30th
– NodeCube (Hot): existing nodes will run until september 30th. New nodes cannot be started.
– NodeCube (Cold): masternodes will be still available for launch (also after september 30th)
– Faucets: will be removed on september 30th


The following coins will be added during Q4 2020:

Divi – DIVI
Zcoin – XZC
StakeNet – XSN
Loki – LOKI
SmartCash – SMART

(Already used $SCC will be returned to the user for coins in the voting process)


The next review will take place in february 2021.

Contact us via a support ticket in our discord, if you have any questions about the de-listing.


Disclaimer: Projects violating common principles (exit, regular chain splits, …) can be removed at short notice.