Important Announcement Regarding BUSD Delisting

We have some important updates to share regarding BUSD on our platform. After careful consideration, the StakeCube team has decided to remove BUSD from our exchange. This action will include the cancellation of all orders associated with BUSD trading pairs and the trading pairs itself. This process will commence within the next 24 hours.

Additionally, we have established the final withdrawal date for BUSD, which is set for December 28th. This means that you have until this date to complete any outstanding BUSD withdrawals.

For our valued users who still hold BUSD on our platform after the withdrawal deadline, we want to assure you that you won’t lose your funds. Instead, we will automatically convert your BUSD holdings to USDT-BSC on the day following the last withdrawal date.

Main reason for BUSD delisting is related to Binances cease its support for it. Read more here

Thank you for being part of the StakeCube family.

Best regards CK