FAQ – How to Claim the StakeCube Faucets

StakeCube Faucets

StakeCube offers you the chance to get some coins for free by claiming once a day the available faucets.

There are two types of faucets: Premium faucets and Community faucets.

Premium faucets – For these faucets, a full masternode was donated either by the coin team or a user, to recharge the faucet automatically using the masternode rewards.

Community faucets are faucets that rely entirely on donations to provide rewards.

Claiming the Faucets.

After logging in to  Stakecube.net, open the drop-down menu from the top and select “Community” .

Here, slect the 4th tab called “Faucets“.

This will display a page with all the available faucets.

If under “Action” you notice the status “empty” that means that the faucet has not yet been refilled either by a user’s donation or by a masternode in the case of premium faucets. You cannot collect from this faucet until it is refilled.

Faucets can be claimed every 24 hours. After claiming them, a timer will show you how much you should wait until the next claim is possible.