This Week on StakeCube, 25th of June 2021

General News

StakeCube in Numbers

Another deep crash happened this week, with Bitcoin falling below the $30k support and the whole Crypto market losing quite a bit of value. Now it seems to be recovering slightly, but nevertheless prices remain significantly lower than they were. As is usual with these market crashes, altcoins have suffered more than Bitcoin due to their higher volatility. However thanks to the expulsion of miners from China, mining profitability has been maintained even with the big fall in price. A good metric this week has been the number of new users, with 1700 new ones joining this week. We have been seeing big volumes on the exchange for PNY and especially for TUP. It is likely that this increase is at least in part due to investors of those coins wanting to use the exchange.

  • User Count: 97,992 +1.77%
  • Pool Value: 583.2 BTC -4.75%
  • Daily BTC Mined: 0.094 BTC -1.05%
  • SCC Price: $0.86 -14.85%
  • SCC Market Cap: $7,769,000 -14.27%
  • Alexa Rank 13451 -348
StakeCube E-Sports Hiring

With the upcoming Rocket League tournament and other planned events, our E-sports community has been growing strong. Because of this, we’re looking to hire some new employees to manage this part of the community and work on the events that will be organized. First we need an administrator, to plan more e-sports events and manage all aspects of them. We are also hiring new people with casting and streaming experience. If you’re interested in fulfilling any of these roles, please fill out this form:

There is as well a new Twitch channel where we will stream all these events. Make sure to follow us if you don’t want to miss anything:

And follow us on the dedicated Twitter for StakeCube E-Sports:

Goss and Vitae Delisting


It seems that the Goss team has abandoned the project, and the social media are not being maintained. Under these circumstances we are forced to delist the coin. The delist will be done on the 8th of July. Please withdraw all of your Goss before that date or the coins will be lost.


It seems that Vitae was involved in some fraudulent activity, with the Belgian police taking measures this week to stop this. You can read more about it on the official Europol article:

Since it seems that the project was a fraudulent one, we will officially delist Vitae on the 2nd of July. Please withdraw all of your Vitae before that date, as the coins that remain in the wallet will be lost.

Webminer Video Guide

Our support agent JohnLuke has created a useful guide to help you figure out how to use the webminer. Check it out here:

Feel free to give it a like, and subscribe to his channel for more interesting StakeCube content!

Wrong Blockchain Deposits

Despite multiple warnings, some users keep making the mistake of depositing currencies on unsupported blockchains like the BSC one. Sometimes we can recover these funds, but it requires manual action and takes valuable time from our agents. Because of this we have decided to implement a standard $10 recovery fee for these mistaken deposits, on top of the necessary transaction fees.

New Developers Onboarded

We have onboarded two developers to help the team release new features in a timely manner. As their first task, they will be in charge of developing a custom captcha system for the login page, and exchange liquidity tools.

There is also an additional developer working on a multi-explorer site for our internal explorers. We want it to have a slick GUI so that it can serve the blockchains of all of our listed coins. Once completed it will have many functions beyond just checking transactions, however we expect to release a first minimal version in mid July.

Development News

StakeCube Protocol News

After three weeks of work, we have successfully completed the full backend revamp of the SCP Wallet. It is now stable and ready, with massive improvements to the UI, particularly adding functionality for mobile and small screen devices. A community developer is assisting us with the implementation, but further work is needed.

We have added to the wallet a settings page for customization as well, and there was a redesign of the dark theme, with higher contrast and a shiny polish. Multi-wallets are now fully supported in headless clients. Multiple dependencies have been removed from the SCP wallet, enhancing the security and decreasing the codebase size by about 2%. Libraries such as RPC, wallet, database and more.

Check out a snapshot of the newly redesigned dark theme:

Version 1.1.4 of the SCP wallet is now going through the community testing phase. There will be several iterations until the team is happy with the results. Release will be within the next few days. If you’d like to help us test it and provide valuable feedback, please join our dedicated discord:

SCP Integration with StakeCube

We are moving forward with the integration of SCP into the StakeCube platform. It will begin next week, with work finishing before the 1st of July, in time for the TRBO to MMT swap. We are currently testing implementation for the latest wallet version 1.1.4. The integration will include the possibility to deposit, withdraw and stake SCP-1 and SCP-2 tokens. Other developments like tokenized services or SCP wrapped coins will be added at a later stage.

New Internal Explorers

As we announced last week, we are working on developing our own explorers for listed coins. The purpose is to prevent waiting times caused by malfunctions. We need a reliable explorer so that we can verify deposits, withdrawals, stakes, masternodes, etc. Last week we were testing our explorer for Rapids, and after the successful test we have developed further explorers for FLS, CTSC, AEM, and DOGEC.

Earn Migration Preparation

As part of the migration to version 3, pooled staking and shared masternode coins are going to be moved to the Earn system. We piloted this migration with ZNZ, and it has been running for a few months already for this coin. The Earn system combines rewards from a pool of masternodes and staking coins, sending holders daily payments proportionally to their holdings. This way, users don’t have to reserve slots, or worry about whether masternodes are more profitable than staking.

We are now starting the migration of shared masternodes to updated servers in preparation for this move. Downtime for the moved masternodes should be minimal. Rewards from shared masternodes will continue to be credited the same way as before until the official switch to the Earn system.

Email Delivery Optimization

Even though our email delivery rate is comparatively very good, there might still be delays for some email providers, mainly yahoo and web. We are currently working on adding our own custom email queue, plus a second SMTP provider as backup. We expect this to improve delivery even further.

Check out current stats on email delivery:

Nevertheless, if you experience a delay of several minutes to hours to receive an IP verification email or other system emails, please open a support ticket. After we verify account ownership, you can request to modify the email address of your account to a different provider.

USDT BSC Integration

Because of the high fees, many users have asked for the implementation of BSC deposits and withdrawals of USDT. We are working on this integration, which should be ready within the next 48 hours.

Due to the nature of the current StakeCube version, it will appear as a separate wallet with its own orderbooks and market pairs. The deposit address is obviously different to the one on the Ethereum chain (ERC-20). Everything else will work like every other token on StakeCube. You can find the wallet for these deposits under the ticker USDT-BSC, and the name Tether (BEP-20).

This implementation is provisional, as we expect to release a “merged” version with the rollout of version 3.

Please make sure to double-check your deposit address and used network before sending a transaction, both for deposits and withdrawals.

Wallet Maintenance News

PRiVCY Wallet Status

The PRIV wallet continues in maintenance and the exchange pairs paused, as was requested by their team. If you wish to know more about this issue, please visit their official social media. The wallet will continue in this status until we receive further instructions from the PRiVCY team.

TRBO Swap to MMT

As we informed last week, the swap from TRBO to MMT had to be postponed to work on SCP integration into platforms like the moments market or StakeCube. Finally, a new date for the swap has been set. It will take place on the 1st of July. All TRBO balances on StakeCube will be automatically converted to MMT on that date, with no user action required. Also coins in masternodes or shared masternodes will be converted.

Due to the swap ratio of 1000:1, all exchange orders will be deleted and must be placed again. For more information on the swap, please consult this official communication from the MMT team:

Wallet Updates:

We updated the following wallets:

Previous version:
New version: