StakeCube V3 Rollout

As expected, tomorrow the 1st of February we will begin rolling out the StakeCube version 3 features that have been in development for the past few months.

There is no programmed down time for the site as a whole, but installation might cause us to disable specific functions for short periods of time.

We cannot specify exactly a timeline for the rollout, as it will be dependent on the successful deploy and test of different features. We need to verify each step before we take another one, and therefore we will take as much time as we feel necessary.

Also be aware that the team will be rather busy and we might take longer than normal to resolve support cases or answer questions in the chat. We will make further announcements once each major update is available.

As per usual, wallets are unaffected, and funds remain safe. Rewards might experience delays in distribution due to the migration, but no other disruption is expected.