MineCube V3 Rollout

As of right now, MineCube V3 is live and all hashrate has been ported to the new system. You can find it following this link:


As we outlined in previous articles, the new MineCube will bundle up miners from Bitcoin (SHA256), Litecoin (Scrypt), Ethereum (Ethash) and Dash (X11). These miners will constitute a pool from which users can reserve shares or “workers”.

The worker price is $4, and we have ported your previously owned hashpower to the new system accordingly. Therefore, the hashrate conversion rates were the following:

  • 1 worker per 100 GH/s of previously owned Bitcoin mining.
  • 0.75 workers per 1 GH/s of previously owned Dash mining.

We have additionally introduced the possibility to pay for workers in SCC as well as in credits. Miner prices in SCC will be calculated at current exchange rates.

With the new system, coins mined by all miners in the bundle will be converted into BTC at current exchange rates. Payouts will then be distributed to users in BTC by default, but users can also choose to be paid in a different coin. For payouts in coins other that BTC, they will be bought on the exchange using the corresponding mined BTC and then distributed proportionally.

At the moment we offer payouts in the following coins: BTC, SCC, DASH, LTC, ETH, DOGE. In the near future we will be adding more coins to this list, as well as the possibility to select more than one coin as payout with different percentage allocations.

Payouts can be expected starting tomorrow the 2nd of February, including today’s accrued rewards. The new workers will remain linked to your account indefinitely, as there is no specific expiration date for them. Later on we might implement a market for hashrate, but for the moment there are no concrete plans. We expect that thanks to the possibility of adding miners for different coins we will have enough supply to satisfy the demand. Mining rewards should also be less volatile, as diversification in the miners reduces fluctuations caused by reduced mining performance in one of the coins.

We will start the sale of new workers later today. If you have more questions, take a look at our FAQ:


Happy mining!

PS: All prior data like past earnings will be ported soon.