StakeCube Monthly Newsletter – Late July Edition

Greetings StakeCube Community,

As the summer sun shines bright, July presented us with opportunities for some relaxation. While our newsletter is slightly delayed this month, it serves as a testament to the well-earned breaks taken by many within our team, finding moments of respite and rejuvenation with their loved ones.

BTC Interest Program:
This month, we were excited to roll out our BTC interest program to all our valued users. We’re delighted to report that over 100 users have already opted in, entrusting us with more than 0.72+ BTC. We truly appreciate your continued trust in our services. Curious about the benefits and details? Dive into our Interest Program FAQ here.

Syscoin Masternode Expansion:
We’ve successfully launched our second Syscoin masternode. Along with the first one, which enjoys a 2.5 seniority bonus, we’re now able to distribute a larger volume of SYS every month. Our goal remains to continually grow our node base to offer enhanced benefits to our users. Currently, we’re just 26K coins shy of our next node, though we’ll gather a slightly higher sum to ensure smooth withdrawals.

Addressing Debt Tokens:
We’ve noticed the burgeoning queries surrounding our debt tokens. As our operational efficiencies improve and server costs reduce, we’ve initiated buybacks on all four debt tokens. Not only have these tokens been purchased back, but they’ve also been burned. Going forward, starting next week, we will conduct weekly buybacks, rotating between sdBTC, sdLTC, sdDASH, and sdDOGE. As the platform garners greater activity, fuelling our revenue streams, we aim to amplify these buybacks. Rest assured, every Friday, one of these tokens will be addressed, aligning with our vision of reducing our outstanding debt tokens.

Server Costs & Operational Efficiency:
Our relentless pursuit of operational efficiency has yielded significant results. We’ve slashed our server costs from 10K in January to a mere 4K for August. Our target stands firm at 3K for October, as we continually optimize and enhance our operations.

A Call to the StakeCube Community: Remote Job Opportunities
In our continued effort to ensure StakeCube’s financial sustainability, members of our dedicated team are exploring remote job opportunities. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial commitments of StakeCube, ensuring that we continue to provide top-tier services without compromising on our operational integrity. If you, our valued community member, are aware of or can offer any such positions suitable for our talented team, it would immensely assist StakeCube’s journey.

If you have any opportunities or leads, kindly reach out to us at Your support and collaboration in this endeavor is deeply appreciated.

Looking Forward:
August promises a flurry of activities. From SCC Core Development initiatives to welcoming new talent into our fold, we’re brimming with excitement. Stay tuned for our next newsletter, which will encapsulate all these updates and more.

Warm Regards,
The StakeCube Team.