Merge with SocialSend/Hazel Exchange

The merger of StakeCube with SocialSend/Hazel Exchange

We are pleased to announce an upcoming merger between StakeCube and SocialSend/Hazel Exchange. Over the past several weeks, our discussions with Squidicuz have led us to recognize the growth potential and synergies between our platforms. Given our shared vision, we believe that integrating SocialSend/Hazel into StakeCube will best serve our respective communities.

As part of this merger, StakeCube will introduce listings for coins that were previously listed on SocialSend, specifically: OHMC, XDN, KFX, and GTC.

Following the merger, SocialSend will facilitate its users in transitioning their funds, with a preference for transferring to a StakeCube account. The specific details regarding this transfer mechanism will be provided by SocialSend in the near future. For now, we encourage you to stay updated by reading their preliminary announcement here.

We look forward to integrating these new coin listings soon, and we’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all users.

Best Regards CK