SCC Core 3.4 Pre-release + SCCMiner

Pre-Release of SCC Core Wallet v3.4

We’re delighted to share progress on the SCC Core Wallet development front. Over recent weeks, the developer, Squidicuz, has diligently been aligning SCC more closely with DASH’s upstream. Credits to Liquid also for support and the work he has done. We are preparing a pre-release version for our community to test as we inch closer to the official release. Our initial tests indicate a modest improvement in RAM usage during the chain synchronization process. Several nodes have successfully completed syncs and demonstrated stability on the mainnet. For an in-depth view of all changes and improvements, kindly refer to our GitHub release notes.

Launch of SCCMiner – A Fork from FiroMiner

We are excited to introduce SCCMiner, our customized mining solution developed as a fork from Firo’s FiroMiner. Key adaptations have been made to SCCMiner, particularly an adjusted epoch length, to ensure compatibility with SCC. This adjustment was essential for enabling solo mining on our testnet. In our preliminary tests, SCCMiner has demonstrated effective solo mining on the mainnet. However, during pool testing, there were instances of unauthorized worker notifications. Rest assured, we are actively addressing this for enhanced compatibility. For those interested in utilizing SCCMiner, it’s available for download at our GitHub repository.

Best regards CK