StakeCube’s May and June 2023 Recap

Dear StakeCube Community,

We hope this update finds you healthy, enthusiastic, and as engrossed in the world of cryptocurrency as we are. The last couple of months have been action-packed, with several noteworthy achievements, developments, and advancements. Let’s walk through some of these exciting updates together.

We are overjoyed to report the successful revamp of After meticulous work, our diligent team has significantly improved the platform’s functionality, making token visibility on addresses more efficient. As a result, you can now effortlessly validate debt tokens sent to the burn address. But the improvements don’t stop there; now allows you to examine your personal address and token balances as it incorporates an explorer for our Layer 2. We encourage you to experience this enhanced feature here.

Taking another stride towards greater transparency and efficiency, we burned our first tokens from the trading fee on the debt tokens market. This key move is part of our ongoing efforts to repay the lost funds, fully clear the debt, and uphold our commitment to the StakeCube community.
Additionally, we burned a second time this evening, which you can see here.

In a bid to offer an enticing experience to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we’ve launched a promotional campaign for NodeCube, our easy-to-use masternode hosting service. As part of this promotion, we are offering a free one-month trial for anyone that hasn’t used NodeCube but is interested in experiencing the streamlined functionality and user-friendly interface of NodeCube.

In recognition of our relentless efforts and the power of our vibrant community, StakeCube has won an advertising package from This achievement truly reflects the collective strength of our community, and we are proud to share this news with you.

Improving upon our SCC Bonus Program, we have made significant enhancements to provide greater benefits to our users. The bonus level will now be determined by your SCC account balance and registered masternodes, enabling you to get more from your SCC holdings.

In a further boost to the StakeCube experience, we have reactivated our Interest Program for StakeCubeCoin (SCC), offering a higher APY than our existing Earn program. It’s now possible to subscribe with up to 500 SCC to the interest program. 

Additionally, we have listed several new currencies on our platform, including HEIRS, MON, FREED, and ADM, broadening the range of options for our users.

Our partnership with ADAMANT continues to flourish, and we have listed their currency, ADM, on our platform. Moreover, ADAMANT has included StakeCube Exchange in their market maker bot, a tool designed to enhance liquidity in our markets. As if that was not enough they added StakeCube to this bot that Targets non-professional traders who trade from time to time and want to automate some parts. Currently, the only trade strategy implemented is the Optimal ladder/grid trade strategy, when a bot places many orders to buy and sell tokens with prices starting from the spread. When the closest to spread order is filled, a bot adds the same order to the opposite side, following the rule “buy lower than you sell, and sell higher than you buy”. It works best in a volatile market.

In celebration of our five-year anniversary, we organized an airdrop of 5555 SCC split among all active users over five days. We extend our deepest gratitude to our community for your continued support over these years.

To improve the trading environment, we have delisted several trading pairs from our exchange as of June 15th. This decision was made to enhance the overall trading experience for our community.

We are also excited to announce the reopening of our ETH staking feature. To celebrate this, we are running a special promotion on ETH staking until August 31st. Which gives you SCC rewards together with your ETH reward. Time to start staking!

To ensure StakeCube’s continued SCC finances, we have transferred an additional 550K SCC to our treasury. This move symbolizes our dedication to maintaining a strong and financially stable platform for our community. Link to transaction

It gives us immense joy to announce that we have surpassed 158,000 registered and verified users on our platform. This milestone is a testament to the trust our users have placed in us, and we are truly thankful for your unwavering support. Slow but steady journey to 200K.

We have significantly reduced the Bitcoin withdrawal fee from 0.0005 BTC to 0.0003 BTC, making transactions more economical for our users.

We have embarked on an experimental journey with BTC interest within our team. This trial phase enables us to fine-tune the process and maintain transparency for our community. More details will follow once we finalize the features of this exciting new development. Our first source for BTC interest is the well-established FreeBitcoin. You can support StakeCube further by signing up to FreeBitcoin with this link: here. We plan to diversify our income sources over time.

We have migrated all our wallets from VPS rented from Contabo to dedicated servers from GTHost for enhanced security and efficiency. If you are interested in their services, you can support StakeCube by signing up here and using the promo code STAKECUBE on your first purchase.

We understand the interest in our financial situation, particularly concerning income and expenses. Unfortunately, we have seen a decrease in platform income and ad revenue over the last couple of months. Part of this is due to the ad-free website feature of the bonus program, but a significant factor is fewer impressions over time.

Despite these challenges, we are optimistic. We’ve recently added ETH staking, and are trialing BTC interest for team members, which we hope to extend to our community soon. These additions will provide new sources of income, but it’s still a journey to cover necessary expenses like staff salaries.

Lastly, we are currently running tests to improve the stability and cost-effectiveness of each masternode hosted on NodeCube. Our goal is to ensure a lower repair rate for masternodes, which will save time for our technical team and provide more reliable rewards for users. Our calculations suggest we should be able to reduce operating costs per node, which would increase StakeCube’s profit per node and possibly allow us to review NodeCube fees.

Again, we appreciate your invaluable support and contributions to our platform. We look forward to sharing more updates and developments with you soon. Until then, stay safe, keep staking, and happy trading!


With warm regards,
The StakeCube Team