Interest Program FAQ

What is the Interest Program?

The interest program is a way for users to generate yield on their assets, even if those assets do not otherwise produce staking or masternode rewards.

Is This Already the StakeCube V3 Interest Program?

No, this is a temporary adaptation applied to the current version. On StakeCube V3 we will implement a new version with a much better UI, and which will include many of the features requested by our users such as cancelling a pending position without penalty and different options for fast redeems on flexible terms, auto-deposit into interest, etc.

How does the Interest Program Work?

To participate in the interest program, users need only to subscribe their assets to the “term” of their choosing. Soon after, they will begin receiving daily interest rewards on the subscribed assets.

What are the Terms?

Terms are periods during which the assets will remain subscribed and generating yield. StakeCube offers only flexible term at the moment:

  • Flexible: Assets will generate yield every day and continue to do so indefinitely. Users may unsubscribe at any point without penalty 7 days after subscription, however, they will need to wait for the funds to be processed before using them (less than 24h)
What are the Minimum Amounts?

The interest program requires you to subscribe a minimum amount of coins to a particular offer due to the transaction costs associated with the transfer of funds. These are the minimum subscription amounts as of today:

  • SCC: 20
  • BTC: 0.0005
Why are not all Rates Available for all Coins?

StakeCube only offers interest earning where it is possible to generate the specific yield. If an offer is not available, it is because StakeCube has not found a good way to provide that yield using our strategies.

What Occurs Upon Selecting the Subscribe/Unsubscribe Option

Upon electing to ‘subscribe’, the status of your allocated funds will transition to ‘pending’ while we manage the processing. During this phase, it’s crucial to understand that these funds are not available for ‘unsubscribe’ actions until the status updates to ‘active’. Consequently, we strongly advise that you should only initiate the subscription process when you have unequivocally decided to commit to the selected position. Please note, for flexible terms, the ‘unsubscribe’ option becomes accessible 7 days after subscription.

How Long does the “Pending” Status Last?

After opening a position, the status will change to “Active” at 9 am UTC on the following day. Interest will start accruing at that time.

What Happens at the end of the Term?

At the end of the term, assets will be automatically unsubscribed. That is, unless users have selected the auto-renew option, which will automatically subscribe the assets at the end of the term.

If I Choose a Temporary Term (30 day, 60 day, 90 day), do I have to Subscribe my Assets Again at the end of the Period?

Yes, but you may select the auto-renew option to subscribe your assets automatically to the same term at the end of the period. The option to set or cancel the auto-renew option will only be available after the position status is “active”.

How Long Until my Assets Start Producing Rewards?

Assets subscribed to the interest program will start generating rewards the next day after subscription, with the first reward paid out 2 days after subscription.

How Often will I earn Interest Rewards?

Interest rewards are paid out daily, and added to your wallet. You may use them at any time, or subscribe them to compound your yield.

Do Assets such as Dash and SCC Still Generate Earn Rewards while Subscribed to the Interest System?

No, they don´t. You can only receive earn or interest rewards for those assets.

Does SCC count towards the bonus program while Subscribed to the Interest System?

No, they don´t.

What sources does StakeCube use to generate profit to payout interest?

Currently, we using Freebitcoin but are looking into more ways to diversify the funds. This page will be updated once new sources is added.

What is the SCC Bonus?

The SCC bonus is a way in which StakeCube rewards SCC masternode holders, providing them with lower fees, free withdrawals and higher interest earnings. Each SCC masternode will boost your interest earnings by 20%, up to a maximum of 200% with 10 SCC masternodes. That is, with the full SCC bonus your interest earnings will be 3 times higher than the base rate. You can read more about the SCC bonus program on this article:

Can I sell Assets Subscribed to the Interest Program, or use them to pay for other StakeCube Services?

No, StakeCube needs to make use of these assets to generate the yield that they earn. That is why they need to remain available to StakeCube until the end of the Term.

What are the Risks?

As with any investment, the interest program entails certain risks that users must be aware of. Assets subscribed to the interest program will be transferred by StakeCube to be used to generate yield.  These transactions and the use of different means to generate yield expose these assets to additional risks. Please keep in mind that although StakeCube takes great care in keeping your assets secure, cryptocurrency investments are not backed by any agency or government. They are also not protected by any form of public insurance, and therefore accidental losses are generally permanent. Cryptocurrency investments may also be subject to regulatory changes that could limit or entirely restrict their use.