SCI002 – Revamp PoS And MN Rewards

Improvement to be Implemented

Remove staking fees, introduce minimum holdings to receive rewards and adjust distribution time for PoS and masternode rewards.


StakeCube charges a fee of 4% on Pos and masternode rewards. Currently users need to hold a share of at least 0.000001% of the total pool in order to receive rewards. Rewards are then distributed one by one as they are generated splitting them according to each user’s share contribution.


The fees StakeCube charges affect profitability and it becomes difficult to keep track of activity because of the big amount of individual dust entries. From a technical standpoint, databases get quickly inflated and loading times deteriorate. Furthermore, affiliate rewards derived from these fees are no significant contribution to our users.


Set fees to 0%

Removing the fees results in higher returns for our users, which makes StakeCube more attractive. It can also be used as a strong marketing point. As for affiliate rewards, they will from now on be deducted from exchange fees instead of PoS and masternode rewards.

Introduce minimum holdings

A fair threshold will exclude dust balances, which translates into higher returns for our investors.

Adjust distribution time

Instead of distributing rewards individually, they are accumulated and distributed once a day to the users. This makes it significantly easier to keep track of earnings and greatly reduces database load improving usability.


Define a fair minimum threshold for every coin on the platform.



Release date



Please note we reserve the right to modify.