SCI003 – Rework Frontend / Introduce User Modes

Improvement to be Implemented

Introduce different user front-end modes.

Description has a great number of functions, overviews and services that generate passive income.


It is difficult for newcomers on StakeCube (and in general, in Crypto) to enter the ecosystem. Beginners are overwhelmed by too many options and do not know where to start.


This SCI aims to achieve a simpler, more user-friendly front-end. Apart from more logical pages, StakeCube needs to add guided instructions and/or further information to help with the onboarding process. Having different modes like Beginner and Expert can make the platform compact and more manageable for new users. Additionally features can be enabled/disabled and be shown on demand.


Planning of the page adjustments without affecting users and core processes. Create guided instructions to provide the necessary information.


Release date



Please note we reserve the right to modify.