Future Expansion of the SCC Bonus Program

We’re excited to share with you our roadmap for the evolution of the SCC Bonus Program. These proposed enhancements are goals we are actively working towards and are not yet implemented, but we are confident they will provide our users with even greater benefits from their SCC holdings.

Under the proposed updates, your bonus level will be determined by both your SCC account balance and registered masternodes. For every 1000 SCC in your balance, you’ll achieve a new bonus level, up to a maximum of 10,000 SCC. Each registered masternode will also contribute to this tally, with every masternode equated to 1000 SCC.

The benefits we aim to introduce include:

  • Exchange Fee Reduction: Retaining the existing feature, enjoy a 0.01% fee reduction for every 1000 SCC held.
  • Increased Affiliate Rates: Your exchange affiliate rate bonus will grow by 1% for every 1000 SCC, continuing the current system.
  • Reduced Earn Fees: New! We aim to introduce a 0.1% fee reduction on Earn for every 1000 SCC you hold.
  • Free Hot-node Hosting: New! Our goal is to offer free Hot-node hosting for each 5000 SCC you hold, with up to 2 free hostings at the full bonus level of 10,000 SCC.
  • Ad-free Experience: New! We’re planning for holders of 10,000 SCC to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience on our website (excluding the faucet page).

Please note that these enhancements are part of our future roadmap and will be implemented as we reach our development goals. We’re excited about these planned updates and are dedicated to making them a reality. Stay tuned for more updates on the SCC Bonus Program, and get ready to let your SCC holdings work even harder for you!

The StakeCubeCoin Bonus program can be found here: https://stakecube.net/app/scc/