StakeCube Update, 3rd of May

Dear StakeCube Users,

As another month has come to an end, we would like to provide you with an update on our platform’s progress and the ongoing initiatives to enhance your experience.

Our technical team has been diligently working on reorganizing wallets and nodes to transition from 12-month contracts to 1-month contracts. This shift will provide greater flexibility with NodeCube and enhance our ability to accommodate new nodes or cancellations. As a result, we are migrating our infrastructure to dedicated servers with a new provider, which will reduce StakeCube’s monthly operating costs. Since January, we have achieved a 44% reduction in costs, and we expect further decreases in the coming months.

Based on our current calculations, we anticipate needing to order servers on 1-month contracts by July to accommodate the existing masternodes on NodeCube. Until then, we have excess capacity on servers contracted for longer terms. This capacity could be utilized sooner if there is a surge in demand for new nodes on NodeCube. Consequently, monthly costs associated with NodeCube will continue to decrease until July.

Unfortunately, our income for April was lower than in March, despite an increase in exchange fees. The decline in income is primarily due to reduced revenue from credits and NodeCube, as well as lower ad impressions. To reverse this trend, we are ramping up our efforts to enhance the platform’s frontend and user-facing features. We are setting up a test environment that will enable more team members to contribute to development without compromising the security of the production environment. Our main developer will review and deploy new features to the live website, ensuring a smooth user experience.

We are currently reviewing the SCC bonus program and discussing potential changes to make it more appealing to our users. In the near future, we will announce updates and improvements to the bonus program. Stay tuned for more information.

Debt tokens have been actively trading on the exchange, and we will soon start burning tokens collected from fees. Regular updates on the number of tokens burned and other statistics will be provided. Remember, you have the option to set your desired selling price for debt tokens, but SC will never buy tokens at a price higher than 1:1.

We have decided to send our newsletter via email to all registered users in addition to posting it on This will ensure that you are kept informed about platform developments.

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For any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at or join our Discord community for general conversations:

Best regards,

The StakeCube Team