FAQ – How to Find Information on Listed Coins

Listed Coin Information

StakeCube offers you information on each of the listed coins, not just you regarding your holdings but also general coin information like exchanges, explorers, etc.

To access it, log in to Stakecube.net and access the “Wallet” section.

Clicking on the coin logos will lead you to the following page:

This is a summary of the information you will find here:

1) Brief coin description, purposes, use cases, etc.

2) Short summary of earnings, price and wallet status;

3) External links to the websites, explorers, repository and exchanges linked to the coin;

4) Your deposit address on StakeCube;

At the top there are also the following tabs:

a) Your 24h activity (deposits, withdrawals, stakes and masternode rewards, interest received);

b) Daily, weekly and monthly earnings;

c) Shared masternode shares, and your shares in each node (active and collecting);

d) Media available for the coin (logos, etc.)