Ethereum listed on

Ethereum is now available on

Please note the following exceptions and infos for ETH:

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is lot higher compared to the other coins and is currently at:
    0.05 ETH
  • Withdrawal fees are charged for ETH. An approximate fee will be shown during the withdrawal process (see screenshot) and will be deducted from the withdrawal amount.
    The fee is calculated for ‘fast’ option from several price oracles * the common 21000 gas limit. Other coins on StakeCube remain free.

example fee display during withdraw
  • To protect users from excessive fees we have implemented a limit of 700 Gwei. If the typical ‘fast’ fee exceeds 700 Gwei, withdrawals will stay in the queue until it goes down again.
  • Deposits >= 0.05 ETH will be moved automatically to our transfer address (0x64354d022a9e3e543cbe3cb5dc09dc927fefd1de) which is located on our cold server (no access via the website).

All other processes are the same as with all other coins.

The first exchange markets are available. ETH is also available as base pair.

More services like Interest, MineCube etc. will follow depending on the development of ETH2 and are not added until further notice.

Next we start to implement ERC-20 tokens, but there is no ETA at the moment.


P.S. You are welcome to celebrate by participating in our discord trivia about Ethereum. Let’s have some fun and learn together. There are also small prizes to win.