StakeCube Credit System live

In preparation for v3, we have released our new credit system today.

You can find it here: (Account -> Credits)

Find next a small FAQ:

What are StakeCube Credits?

StakeCube credits are a virtual stable coin worth exactly 1$. This system creates a consistent platform unit which is independent of price fluctuations. These credits can only be purchased with our StakeCubeCoin, any time the user decides to do so. The price per credit at purchase depends on the current BTC/USD and SCC/USD exchange rates.

Next changes:

  • 28th Oct.: NodeCube will start using the new StakeCube credit system
  • 29th Oct.: MineCube will start using the new StakeCube credit system
  • 30th Oct.: Coin-Voting will start using the new StakeCube credit system

The fees for the respective apps and functions will of course not change, but will be paid in credits.

As everyone knows, NodeCube was ‘free’ for a long time except the initial deployment fee. On November 1st we will reset all active nodes in terms of the last paid timestamp and after that we will start charging in 30 day intervals – so that the first payment extension will be on the 30th of November (we gift you one more month :))

Furthermore we will also launch a MN hosting-“flatrate” at the beginning of November, more information to follow after release.

What happens to the SCC we pay for credits?

The SCC you pay for the credits are transferred directly to the StakeCube funds. In regular intervals we transfer the collected coins from the system to an on-chain address that can be tracked by everyone on the explorer.

Current StakeCube holdings: 349,074 SCC

At the moment of writing we hold the coins without any intention to increase sell pressure. Nevertheless, we have to sell coins from time to time to cover costs. As usual, we will do this in a healthy way and traceable for everyone.

Something else?

Yes. The new system opens many new possibilities. Credits can also be “earned” in the future. Competitions, earndrops, giveaways and many more. In version 3 credits will be periodically distributed to registered masternodes – another advantage of hosting SCC MNs.