Wallet Update: RVN


Ravencoin $RVN

Version (previous:




  • Updated version to
  • Is NOT a consensus change
  • Fixes Boost 1.73 compile issues
  • Adds IPFS open in external browser
  • Build logging for tests will be more verbose than before


The primary reason for this release is to update the seed-node list. Previously this was hard-coded to simply point to the core seed-nodes (see src/chainparamsseeds.h for new IP list). This isn’t as decentralized as desired. Now we are running a seed-node-crawler identical to the one that Bitcoin Core uses. The crawler keeps track of node availability, chain tip validity, and other parameters to create a list of known-good-node-addresses. The list of good-node-addresses is used in the chainparamsseeds.h file and creates a more distributed network. It also includes the original seed-nodes since they will be detected by the crawler as good. Anyone can run a full-node and become a seed-node, doing so helps RVN become even more decentralized.