StakeCubeCoin Wallet Release Mandatory Update Before Block 750000

Dear StakeCubeCoin Users,

We are pleased to announce the release of StakeCubeCoin Wallet version This update is essential and mandatory for all users, ensuring a seamless experience as we approach block 750000. If you are already using version, you do not need to update.

Key Updates in this Release:

Planned Softfork for Spork Key Update: This release includes a crucial softfork to update spork keys, ensuring the network’s security and stability.

Fasttrack Updates: We have implemented fasttrack updates to enhance the efficiency of our wallet software.

Improved Seeding: Our update includes seeding improvements, making it easier for new wallets to synchronize with the network.

Auto Backup Patch: We’ve addressed and patched issues related to auto backups, enhancing the overall reliability of your wallet data.

We encourage all users to update to StakeCubeCoin Wallet version before the specified block height. Your cooperation helps maintain the health of our network and ensures a smooth user experience.

For more detailed information about this release, please visit our GitHub release page at StakeCubeCoin Wallet v3.4.1.1 Release.