StakeCube Protocol 1.2.0 Release

Dear StakeCube Community,

We are thrilled to present the release of StakeCube Protocol version 1.2.0, a significant stride towards enhancing the security and control of NFT data for our users.

Key Enhancements in This Release:

Individual API Keys: In our continuous commitment to bolster security and empower creators, we have transitioned to a more secure system. Each user is now required to provide their unique API key for NFT data access. This provides creators with enhanced control over their NFTs.

Local IPFS Nodes: StakeCube now operates local IPFS nodes to pin all data. This ensures the robustness and availability of NFT data while maintaining the utmost privacy and control.

Data Integrity: While pinning data on our local nodes, we discovered instances where uploaded data appeared to be missing. If you are an NFT creator who has experienced missing images or data associated with your NFTs, please promptly open a support ticket. We are committed to assisting you in restoring missing data, provided you have the original uploads. Our local nodes were established to prevent such occurrences.

For further details and to access the latest version of StakeCube Protocol, kindly visit our GitHub repository: StakeCube Protocol v1.2.0 Release.

Beat Regards