Wallet Update: BTC


Bitcoin $BTC


v0.20.1.0 (previous: v0.18.0.0)








Changes regarding misbehaving peers

Peers that misbehave (e.g. send us invalid blocks) are now referred to as discouraged nodes in log output, as they’re not (and weren’t) strictly banned: incoming connections are still allowed from them, but they’re preferred for eviction.

Furthermore, a few additional changes are introduced to how discouraged addresses are treated:

  • Discouraging an address does not time out automatically after 24 hours (or the -bantime setting). Depending on traffic from other peers, discouragement may time out at an indeterminate time.
  • Discouragement is not persisted over restarts.
  • There is no method to list discouraged addresses. They are not returned by the listbanned RPC. That RPC also no longer reports the ban_reason field, as "manually added" is the only remaining option.
  • Discouragement cannot be removed with the setban remove RPC command. If you need to remove a discouragement, you can remove all discouragements by stop-starting your node.


Notification changes

-walletnotify notifications are now sent for wallet transactions that are removed from the mempool because they conflict with a new block. These notifications were sent previously before the v0.19 release, but had been broken since that release (bug #18325).


PSBT changes

PSBTs will contain both the non-witness utxo and the witness utxo for segwit inputs in order to restore compatibility with wallet software that are now requiring the full previous transaction for segwit inputs. The witness utxo is still provided to maintain compatibility with software which relied on its existence to determine whether an input was segwit.