This Week on StakeCube, 9th of December 2022

General News

Crypto Markets Update

Markets have continued almost completely flat this week, with Bitcoin hovering right above the $17,000 level. Not much has happened lately, other than a few of the biggest exchanges like and Binance releasing some form of proof of reserves. Seems like things could remain quiet now, at least for a while. Core PPI came out a bit higher than expected in the US, but it had little effect on the markets. PPI measures the change in the price of finished goods and services sold by producers, and is therefore a leading indicator of inflation. However, the Crypto markets seem much more concerned with internal issues at the moment, and prices do not react much to anything external.

StakeCube in Numbers

We had some more cashing out of SCC this week, taking the price below the 700 Satoshi level. Exchange volume increased a bit but remains quite low compared to a few months ago. Unfortunately ScpScan is down at the moment and we cannot check the number of SCP transactions. Developers have already been informed of the issue.

  • User Count: 152,918 +0.16%
  • Pool Value: 593.36 BTC -1.74%
  • SCC Price: $0.116 -12.12%
  • SCC Market Cap: $1,377,000 -12.16%
  • Daily Exchange Volume $13,510 +13.27%
  • Daily SCP Transactions: (not available) +0.00%
Top 5 Gainers

No big numbers in the top 5 this week, but good to see AXS finally getting some growth.

  1. PIRATE +18.4
  2. AXS +17.5
  3. NAV +11.3
  4. RDD +3.9%
  5. SYS +3.8%
Verify Crypto

This week, our team member Derek started a new podcast where he will be interviewing different people from the Crypto world to talk about Crypto projects and the general state of the markets. The first two episodes are already out, the first one with Syscoin and the second one with Ghost. Don’t miss them! You can find them here:

If you have a Crypto project, feel free to reach out to Derek to appear on his podcast!

Also, make sure to follow Verify Crypto on Twitter:

This week we added our partner coin MARIA to You can now use our in-house blockchain explorer to check MARIA transactions.

This was their official announcement:

777 and FLS Merges

This week PWRB merged into 777 and as a result the 777 wallet was in maintenance.

This was the official announcement:

Dear Jackpot (777) friends,
This new wallet version is mandatory on block 947500, where the extra mint of 23M 777 coins will take place to support the merge operation of 777 and PWRB.
The following improvements were also introduced:

– Multinode capability;
– UI privacy mode;
– Staking improvements (staking needs to be activated to be used);
– Staking hash rate report on the dashboard;
– Last paid V2 (needs activation by spork);
– Masternode payment V2 (needs activation by spork);
– Reconsider Window (needs activation by spork);
– Masternode collateral seven days window (needs activation by spork);

Similarly, FLS will be merged with TRTT and PEPS, and a new wallet version was released to facilitate the procedure. This was the official announcement:

New non-mandatory wallet update is out.
This update has a few additions in place to aid with the forthcoming merge procedure:

Adds freeze point to timestamp 1670975999 timestamp, Tue Dec 13, 2022, 23:59:59 GMT+0000;
Adds code to extract all the UTXO balances;

FLS and current FLS masternodes will go into maintenance for the upcoming merge on the 13th. After the merge FLS will be on a new chain, but we are still waiting to see more details on this including MN collateral amount. Please keep an eye on the official FLS/Decenomy channels or the Hot and ColdNode pages for more information after the merge

Development News

StakeCube V3 NFT Marketplace

This week Oleg dropped a screenshot of the future NFT marketplace for StakeCube V3. The new NFT marketplace will allow you to explore collections, showing lots of interesting collection-specific data. You will also be able to make offers to NFT owners in order to buy their NFTs. The marketplace has some other pages, but we didn’t want to show everything at once! Check it out here:

Wallet Maintenance News

Wallet Updates

This week we updated the following wallets:

Previous version:
New version:
Mandatory update due to the merger between PWRB and 777. Including a mint on block 947500 for the swap.

777 Masternodes required restarting after the update. HotNodes have been started again but ColdNodes will need to be restarted from the control wallet.

Previous version:
New version:
Update to prepare for the upcoming merger.

Security Notice

Please read the following information regarding the security of your account and funds:

The team will:

  • Never contact you first
  • Never ask you to send them or move coins to some other address
  • Never ask you for remote access or to install any third party software
  • Never ask you for your password or 2FA codes
  • Never provide support using direct messages

If you observe any of these listed behaviors, someone is trying to steal money from you. This applies to all of our social media channels. Our team will post official messages in the appropriate channels, and we only offer support through our ticket system on our support email:

Please, also take into account the following measures to keep your account secure:

  • Enable 2FA in the account settings
  • Enable IP verification in the account settings
  • Use a strong password
  • Change the password regularly
  • Never share your password with others
  • Never allow remote access to your devices
  • If you require assistance, use only the official channels
  • Download software only from verified sources

SCP Wallet is now signed with JSKitty’s public PGP key. This allows users to verify that the wallet has been cryptographically signed and approved by him. Even if our GitHub is compromised, the downloads are still safe as long as the PGP verification confirms that the files have not been tampered with. If you download SCP, please verify the binary against our developer’s public key:

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