StakeCubeCoin: 2021 – Next Steps

With the major v3 platform update in progress and the final repositioning (company formation, new front-ends and functions, ToS, etc) finishing on February 1st, we would also like to share with you the roadmap for the year 2021 regarding our utility coin SCC.

This will be relatively summarized information, with all details being revealed in the upcoming whitepaper.

From the technical side, the chain runs stable and secure. Minor improvements concerning resource-usage, docs, and miscellaneous are needed and will be added with updates in slower maintenance intervals.

Accordingly, we can now focus on things that result in new on- and off-chain use cases and that will further enhance the ecosystem and value of SCC and the platform.

The already mentioned whitepaper will be published in English and German during Q1 2021. The community is very welcome to translate it into further languages as well.

Apart from even more advantages for registered masternodes on the platform, the following updates are scheduled and based on a ‘second layer solution’ (name TBD):

Q1 2021

  • Whitepaper
  • Assets/Tokens*

Q2 2021

  • SCC Assets/Token integration into
  • NFT implementation*

Q3 2021

  • SCC NFT integration into
  • On-board other projects to issue and use SCC Assets/Tokens and NFTs

Q3 and Q4 2021

  • dApp / DeFi implementation*
  • DEX implementation*

* on-chain / second layer


Some may now ask: Why not use an already existing solution like Raven for assets or Digibyte for dApps? 

The answer is quite simple! As these projects naturally have their purposes, our number of deterministic SCC masternodes in the network and especially the LLMQ + ChainLocks + InstantSend implementation provides us a huge advantage compared to other solutions: we can offer real-time on-chain data with reorg and rollback protection; the existing ecosystem with allows direct integration into centralized systems and graphical interfaces to achieve mass adoption.

As said, this is a rough summary and direction for you, that will be explained in detail (technical and abstract) in the whitepaper. Further listings and the ‘surrounding’ for SCC is an ongoing process.

We hope you had peaceful holidays and we wish you a happy new year (with much excitement for the products and services that await you) from the entire team.