StakeCube Team Statement

The announcement from Oleg on Friday took you and us in the team by surprise. It’s still a shock to us all but rest assured that the team is working on getting back on track. We are still working on collecting all data and numbers to understand the complete situation. Meanwhile, we got several offers and ideas to help StakeCube with the current situation. Email offers are forwarded from Oleg to the team. Oleg is cooperating with the devs and the tech team to hand over control of all wallets and to return all funds back to the hot and cold wallets. They are also working on getting the wallets back online for unaffected coins. Earn and Interest will not be active until further notice. The fee for ending an interest position has also been removed, so feel free to terminate those. NodeCube will continue to work as usual with still 5500+ nodes running. We understand some are sad, angry, frustrated, and much more but we thank you for your patience while we work out a plan. To make it clear Oleg is no longer deciding here at SC, we have a full team of people doing everything they can for the community through these difficult times.

Best regards, the StakeCube team.