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Refund Options

While we continue waiting to have a concrete accounting of how many coins are missing, we can already make some decisions regarding plans to compensate users for their losses. Currently two proposals have caught our attention:

StakeCube DAO

We could create an SCP token called StakeCube DAO, which would entitle users to a share of the future revenue of StakeCube. Users affected by losses would get this token airdropped, proportionally to how much value they are missing. In this way, and if StakeCube is successful, they could eventually get back their lost coins.

The StakeCube DAO token could also be added to the exchange, so that affected users may sell it and get back some value. Additionally, the tokens would give voting power in important decisions regarding the StakeCube ecosystem.

To be clear, with this idea, if you had 1 BTC and 10,000 DOGE before, now you would have 0.05 BTC, 500 DOGE, plus an amount of StakeCube DAO tokens proportional to your loss of 0.95 BTC and 9,500 DOGE.

StakeCube Refund Tokens

The other idea would be airdropping SCP tokens that represent an IOU from StakeCube for an amount corresponding to the missing coins. For example, if a user previously had a balance of 10,000 DOGE and 1 BTC, they would now have 0.05 BTC, 500 DOGE, 0.95 SCBTC and 9,500 SCDOGE (assuming the losses of those coins are 95%). Periodically, and as StakeCube obtains the necessary funds to compensate users, people could redeem their SCBTC for the real BTC as StakeCube makes it available.

Additionally, we would add these SCBTC, SCLTC, SCDOGE and SCDASH tokens to the exchange, so that they may be sold by users who hold them.

As to the way in which StakeCube would obtain these missing coins to give them to affected users, there are many ideas but nothing concrete for the moment.


To try to get the best of both worlds, we could combine these two ideas into one. For this, we would by default airdrop StakeCube DAO tokens to all affected users. These tokens, in addition to entitling to a participation in StakeCube’s revenue, would also be redeemable for SCBTC, SCLTC, SCDOGE and SCDASH as described before.

In this way, users who prefer to have an IOU from StakeCube could get the tokens corresponding to their missing coins, in hope of one day restoring their balance. Others, who prefer the perks given by StakeCube DAO tokens, could simply keep these and never redeem them for the others.

Again and so that everything is perfectly clear, in the example of the user that previously had 1 BTC and 10,000 DOGE, they’d now have 0.05 BTC, 500 DOGE, and a number of StakeCube DAO tokens that would be redeemable for 0.95 SCBTC and 9,500 DOGE.

Both StakeCube DAO and the SCBTC, SCLTC, SCDOGE and SCDASH tokens would be tradeable on the exchange.


If you liked any of these proposals, feel free to vote on the following poll, curtesy of one of our users (DRC).