StakeCube Newsletter – October 2023

Dear StakeCube Community,

We are delighted to share the highlights and advancements of our platform over the past few months!

NodeCube Evolution:
Our NodeCube service has undergone substantial enhancements. We are proud to announce our migration from VPS servers to high-performance dedicated servers. This strategic shift has bolstered our performance metrics and significantly streamlined our maintenance processes, translating into a more robust NodeCube experience for all our users. Furthermore, we have expanded our offerings with the addition of 8 new coins now available for hosting on NodeCube.

SCC Bonus Program Enhancements:
In recognition of our invaluable community’s continuous support, we’ve rolled out an updated SCC Bonus Program! Leveraging the maximum bonus, members can now host up to 10 free masternodes, indulge in fee-less trading on the exchange, benefit from reduced fees on our ‘Earn’ program, and earn higher interest rewards. We invite you to explore this revamped program!

Collaboration with SocialSend:
We are elated to inform you that our strategic merger with SocialSend/Hazel Exchange has successfully concluded! Members yet to migrate can seamlessly transition their SocialSend funds to StakeCube. Simply visit the SocialSend website to authorize the funds transfer to StakeCube. This merger reaffirms our dedication to offer unparalleled services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Wallet Updates:
Our recent update to the SCC Core Wallet Version 3.4.x.x is pivotal, and we’re committed to spearheading more advancements. With the expertise of Squidicuz integrated into our team, we are more confident than ever in elevating and safeguarding our blockchain infrastructure.

Introducing SCCMiner:
We are thrilled to unveil SCCMiner, our proprietary mining solution. Stemming from a fork of Firo’s FiroMiner, this innovative addition to our platform is fully compatible with SCC and has demonstrated impressive efficacy during testing phases. Access SCCMiner via our GitHub repository for a deeper dive.

Faucet and Offerwall Initiatives:
We’ve implemented faucets for almost every coin project listed on StakeCube. Venture in, explore, and obtain coins from emerging projects. As always, due diligence is key. Additionally, the imminent launch of our Offerwall is set to amplify avenues for our community to accrue crypto.

Debt Token Buy-backs:
Starting from the 25th of August, we have been consistently repurchasing tokens from the market on a weekly basis. Below is a summary of our buy-backs to date:

sdBTC – 0.0293
sdDASH – 5.2806
sdDOGE – 15204.297
sdLTC – 3.44287

Our objective is to progressively upscale the volume of our weekly buy-backs, ensuring a pace that fortifies StakeCube’s stability.

To our ever-growing community, your unwavering trust and patronage spur us on our journey of innovation and excellence. Together, let’s envision a future replete with opportunities and achievements!

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With warm regards,
The StakeCube Team