Protecting the Platform: An Important Update

Last week, we uncovered an attempt to exploit our platform by a user who had created multiple accounts. They successfully manipulated the NFT marketplace in order to increase their SCC balance.

We want to assure our community that the integrity of StakeCube remains our top priority. Thanks to the quick response of our dedicated team, we have introduced additional security checks to prevent any such incidents in the future.

Here’s a detailed account of what transpired: The user engaged in various NFT transactions, which involved selling, canceling, and purchasing NFTs. These activities significantly inflated their SCC balance. During these transactions, some royalties were inadvertently sent from the system to the collection owners.

Subsequently, the user sold some and attempted to sell the rest of the SCC holdings on the market and withdraw BTC. Fortunately, our robust security measures kicked in and prevented this unauthorized action. In the end, only the rightful collection owners received SCC, while the attacker’s efforts were stopped.

Our team has diligently cleaned up the system, adjusted balances, and conducted comprehensive verifications. We remain committed to safeguarding the assets of our valued community members.

We greatly appreciate your trust and support. Rest assured, your security is paramount to us, and we are continually working to enhance the safety of our platform.

Best regards CK