StakeCube Exchange Maintenance 23rd of January

As we informed, we’re proceeding with the implementation of changes that will bring v3 to our users. Because of this, we have scheduled for the exchange a maintenance period on the 23rd of January to port the data to the new database structure and enable API-based trading. Please be aware of this and take any necessary action before the aforementioned date.

Please note that:

  • The maintenance will start 19:00 server time (UTC+0) and last approximately 4 hours
  • During this time orders cannot be placed or cancelled
  • Funds will not be moved or transferred in any way and will remain safe in cold storage
  • No other functions are affected

Additionally, we will implement the new referral fee scheme (see example calculation below). After the maintenance, users will get 20% of the exchange fees paid by their referred users. These contributions will be accumulated and distributed daily. They will be replacing staking referral contributions, as StakeCube does no longer charge any fees for staking.

Your referred user traded a volume of 1 BTC in 24h:
0.1% Trading fees = 0.001 BTC paid fees
20% of 0.001 BTC = 0.0002 BTC credited to your account
StakeCube gets the remainder 0.0008 BTC

Please remember trading fees can be reduced by up to 0.05% and referral rewards increased up to 30% with registered SCC masternodes.