Rules on NFTs and Collection Verification

What sorts of material can I use for my NFTs?

You can use any material you want to create NFTs; however, the following materials are not allowed and will be banned from the marketplace:

  1. NFTs containing the word StakeCube or SCC without express authorization from the team. Although we authorize the use of the logo and other elements of the StakeCube brand, NFTs should not mislead potential buyers into thinking that they are official and produced by the team.
  2. Images containing copyrighted materials for which the collection creator does not own the copyright.
  3. Explicit images such as pornography, gore, etc.
  4. Politically incorrect images such as those containing racism or other forms of discrimination.

The StakeCube team reserves the right to determine when collections or NFTs do not fulfill these criteria. If you are in doubt, feel free to open a ticket on Discord to consult whether your NFT or collection would break any rule.

What are the Requirements to get my NFTs verified?

We do not verify individual NFTs from a collection. We only verify a collection as a whole. In order to pass the verification process, the NFTs in the collection must not contain any of the banned materials.

Additionally, limited collections with a set value for “Max Mints” can only be verified if they have reached the maximum number of mints and no more NFTs can be issued. The only exception to this are unlimited collections with a specific use case such as games, etc.

How do I get my collection verified?

If your collection fulfills the criteria specified before, you can get it verified by opening a support ticket on Discord:

We will require you to show proof of authorship or ownership of the materials used in the NFTs. If the proof is considered sufficient, we will verify the collection.