NodeCube Contracts Now Live

Today we make public the first version of NodeCube Contracts.

You will find it here: (Account -> Credits)

This new feature will provide more alternatives to SCC holders that want to use NodeCube to host masternodes. To understand what it is and how it works, we have prepared for you the following FAQ:

What is a NodeCube Contract?

NodeCube Contracts allow you to host a certain number of masternodes with by locking a SCC masternode equivalent (1,000 SCC).

For every 1,000 SCC locked in this way, you can host on NodeCube up to 50 masternodes for free for a period of 90 days.

What happens to my SCC during this period? 

Nothing, the SCC will stay in the cold wallet(s). After the lock-up period ends, we credit the full amount back to your account. This function is designed to ‘remove’ SCC from market circulation while providing an advantage to our users.

Can I enable multiple contracts?

Yes, you can enable as many contracts as you need or want.

Can I unlock the SCC before the contract ends?


Do I get MN rewards for the 1,000 SCC while they are locked?


What happens if the SCC price rises and the potential MN rewards from the locked-up SCC are worth more than 50 free masternodes?

In case MN rewards exceed the USD/Credits equivalent for 3 month hosting of 50 masternodes, we will of course adjust the contracts to provide more than 50 masternodes per contract.

Do I need multiple contracts for Hot and Cold nodes?

No, the 50 masternodes can be any combination of Hot nodes and Cold nodes (for example you can host 25 Hot-Nodes and 25 Cold-Nodes, or use all 50 on Hot-Nodes, etc.)

What happens to my existing nodes?

These are automatically merged into your contract and are free of charge as long as the contract is active.

I have limits at NodeCube, what do I have to do?

The limits are only effective as long as Credits are used and can be increased at any time without further verification. Nevertheless, as soon as you enable a contract, the limit is automatically increased, you don’t have to worry about anything.

What happens to my Nodes if the contract ends?

You can let your contract automatically renew (possible on SC v3) or manually enable it again as soon as your SCC is back in your account. If this does not happen, you have 7 days to buy credits or remove your nodes. Multiple email reminders will be sent in any case.

Will there be more contracts of similar nature?

Sure, there are some other variations on this theme being planned, but there is no release date for those yet.