MineCube: DASH now available

A new platform update enables now DASH mining via MineCube.

Link: https://stakecube.net/app/minecube/dash

Price: 3$ in StakeCubeCoin per 1 GHs

Fee: 5%

Mining Proof: Xi57hMvFoCW1rE2C8sCNUBW4S7Ty4D3owN

Supplier: MeaTec.io

FAQ: https://stakecube.info/faq-minecube/

The first 6 StrongU miner are already running for about 12-24h, more will follow on demand and availability.

The first reward distribution to the user wallets on stakecube.net will be carried out during september 18th; thereafter daily.


Disclaimer: As with every function, we would like to point out everyone invests in the corresponding option on their own responsibility.